ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Optimize hardware, software, and cloud costs

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ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM)

CIOs face an ever-growing number of challenges, the shift to cloud is driving complexity and costs across their hybrid estates, while protecting against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats continues to be a top priority. Managing a complex, diverse and dispersed hardware, software and cloud estate requires specialist skills and knowledge that are in short supply.

Implementing IT Asset Management (ITAM) best practice together with leading technology is the key to maximizing the value of your software and cloud investments and meeting these challenges head on. Our accredited ServiceNow consultants, work with you to combine cost optimization and business application efficiency to drive sustainable and real ROI for organizations.

Empower your organization with ServiceNow ITAM

Partnering with ServiceNow, SoftwareOne’s ITAM Practice offers solutions to these business challenges with Hardware & Software Asset Management, Contract Negotiation Support, Support and Sustainment Services, and “Better Together” solutions such as APM+SAM, SecOps+SAM, CMDB+ITAM. Whatever your challenge, wherever you are in your ServiceNow journey we are here to help.

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Maturity Assessment Roadmap, Governance & Operating Model

Having a vision and defined goals is essential at the start of your ITAM journey, understanding the value that needs to be delivered to your organization is key. Our ITAM ServiceNow experts, support you to build an outcome based roadmap informed by a maturity assessment and current state analysis of your governance, people process, policies and technology.

Our roadmap highlights the steps you need to take to achieve your desired maturity level, combined with a governance and operating model to sustain your ITAM Practice. Our ServiceNow ITAM practice is a certified team of experts focused on delivering the asset visibility you need for effective strategic decision making.

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Quick start or full implementations

Whether you are just embarking on your Software Asset Management venture, migrating from another solution to ServiceNow SAM Pro, or maturing your practice we will support you on your journey to successful ServiceNow adoption.

No matter what implementation path you have chosen, our accredited ServiceNow team of experts offer industry-leading practice based on our domain and implementation experience. Depending on your unique requirements, we can offer a 6-8 week Quick start HAM Pro & SAM Pro options with tangible value & ROI in weeks. Our domain and implementation expertise has helped dozens of clients successfully adopt ServiceNow.

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