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Delivering a secure and robust cloud automation platform

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NEX offers customers better ways to execute trades and manage risk. Their products and services underpin the entire trade lifecycle pre-, during and post-execution. The NEX Infinity platform has been designed to process multi-million transaction volumes daily across the spectrum of global financial counterparties.

Protection of data and service availability, confidentiality, and integrity are at the core of everything that NEX stands for. The company prides itself on how it approaches its responsibilities in terms of privacy, protection and security of client data. With that in mind, NEX have made a commitment to set high security and compliance standards for their Infinity platform, designed to meet industry protocols.

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The SoftwareOne team has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with our teams, based in different locations around the globe, transferring knowledge remotely and on-site, delivering against aggressive timelines and to high standards. I have been very impressed by their expertise and reassured by their level of professionalism.

Guy Naor
Chief Technology Officer, NEX Optimisation

The solution

SoftwareOne has been working with NEX to establish a high-performance, resilient, secure and compliant platform which meets these standards. The NEX Infinity environment on the AWS platform follows strict “infrastructure as a code” and “immutability” principles (i.e. no change and configuration management in production or user login is allowed, with the exception of break-glass security and forensic procedures). This minimises the risk of human error and/or accidental access or loss of data. The microservices architecture is implemented using Docker containers, and runs on Kubernetes-managed containers; databases include Cassandra and PostgreSQL. Kafka and IBM MQ are used for real-time streaming services. Software Lifecycle Management is implemented following state of the art architecture and design principles, and includes fully automated end to end secure CI/CD processes. The solution includes SIEM integration, Security incident response automation, compliance dashboards, as well as incident response and forensic processes.

The results

SoftwareOne has been providing technology expertise within the infrastructure, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes, security and compliance domains, complementing and dovetailing with NEX’s pre-existing tech team. SoftwareOne have also been providing project management services, and ran the project in alignment with Agile Development Methodologies with Cloud Computing, including Scrum and Kanban.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.