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Unleash the Benefits of Microsoft Azure: How to Migrate and Modernize your Applications


Are you looking to modernize your existing applications and take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Azure's cloud services? Then don’t miss out on this webinar!

In this session, experts from Microsoft and SoftwareOne will give you insight into the process of migrating and modernizing your existing infrastructure and applications on Azure. We will cover …

  • The benefits of migrating to Azure
  • Strategies for migration and modernizing applications
  • How to utilize cloud native and developer productivity solutions
  • Best practices for building secure and efficient cloud environment and optimizing the cost
  • The Migration Factory Framework
  • Real-world app migration scenarios

You’ll get a practical guidance on how to successfully migrate and modernize your applications, while also gaining valuable insights into the benefits and opportunities of the cloud.

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Date: 21st June 2023
Time: 10:00 CEST / 11:00 CEST
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Online


Simon Tange Peylecke
Specialist Manager – Azure Applications Development at Microsoft

Simon leads a team of Azure App Innovation Specialist in Microsoft Denmark. With a deep understanding of Azure and GitHub Cloud Native Technologies, he assists customers in propelling their Digital Transformation endeavors forward. Simon excels at engaging clients at all levels with focus on aligning Cloud Native and Developer Productivity solutions to address their specific business and digital transformation needs.


Michal Mierzejewski
Principal Engagement Manager at SoftwareOne

Michael is an experienced leader in transforming and optimizing legacy applications into modern, scalable, and cloud-native solutions. Working with a diverse client base he understands the challenges of app migration and modernization. He excels in creating strategic roadmaps, identifying risks, and formulating effective solutions for a seamless transition and maximum business value.


Salih Yakubov
Senior Principal Presales Architect at SoftwareOne

Salih is a professional in cloud and hybrid IT solutions, project management, consulting, and solution architecture. He specializes in digital transformation, application migration, IT service management, and security. As a Senior Principal Presales Architect, he guides clients and partners in achieving desired service configurations, business goals, and driving innovation for maximum value.