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Number 1 Accessibility Solution: Eye-Able

Companies and organizations are required by US law to make their digital systems accessible. Eye-Able solutions help you to comply with this legal framework. Organisations in higher education are required by Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act to make their digital systems accessible. Eye-Able solutions support you in complying with the guidelines of web accessibility and assist you in doing the right thing.

Eye-Able's Accessibility Service supports you in promoting inclusion in your organization, both internally and externally. From equipping websites with assistance software, testing web interfaces for compliance with standard regulations, or equipping employees and students in the workplace - we will accompany you on your journey. We are here to assist you as you implement digital accessibility and comply with the WCAG standard for web accessibility. With our years of accessibility expertise, coupled with SoftwareONE's software expertise, you'll take your company's digital accessibility to the next level: complying with the law, setting a clear example, and positioning your organization as a leader in digital participation and inclusion.

Inclusion is a matter of the heart

The story of Eye-Able is shaped by CEO Oliver Greiner and his personal relations with people with disabilities. His best friend, Lennart, sees less than 15% due to a genetic vision disorder and understands firsthand how inaccessible the digital world can be. After Lennart had to drop out of university because of his disability, Oliver set out to create a solution for the multitude of problems people encounter on websites every day.

After more than five years of research, interviews, and eye-tracking analyses conducted with people with varying disabilities from all age groups, a list of problems commonly found in the operation of websites was determined, and their possible solutions drafted. The next step was to work with institutes for the blind to develop assistive technology to improve accessibility throuh individual adaptation of a web interface. Today, the Eye-Able team continues to work with people with visual impairments to improve the existing functions and to expand the range of functions available.

GDPR & WCAG compliant

Over 1,000 organizations onboarded globally

Solutions based on scientific knowledge & developed with institutes for disabled people

Assistance to achieve compliance in the field of digital accessibility

Holistic digital accessibility services for all

Universities and organizations are required by Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act to make their digital systems accessible. The Eye-Able service supports you in complying with WCAG and GDPR requirements.

Eye-Able's accessibility services enable your organization to improve the accessibility of your web interfaces. SoftwareONE has partnered with Eye-Able to bring you these incredible solutions designed to create a more equitable digital environment.

Our goal is to work with you to implement digital accessibility and assist you in complying with worldwide accessibility standards.

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Accessibility solutions should always be user-centric. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to extensively test accessibility solutions. We will be happy to equip your systems with test licenses so that you can see fhe advantages that will result for yourself.

Please contact us for an introduction to the service and ways to improve your digital accessibility. We will be happy to have a conversation.

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Free compliance test of your website and consultation on the results

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Easy integration and implementation. No expertise required.

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Support in achieving compliance with national and international standards.

Single solution for digital accessibility

Accessibility solutions tailored for companies, direct from SoftwareONE. Available for external and internal webistes.

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Eye-Able is the leading holistic provider of software-based digital accessibility solutions. More than 10,000 companies, organizations and ministries rely on our expertise and use our tools every day. SoftwareONE is the market's leading global software, cloud, and solution provider worldwide - and Eye-Able's exclusive US partner.

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