SoftwareOne Global Modern Slavery Statement

Global Modern Slavery Statement 2024

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As a responsible member of the global software industry, SoftwareOne is dedicated to upholding human rights, ethical business practices, and eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking from operations and global supply chains. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our ongoing efforts to combat modern slavery and aligns with the values and commitments expressed in our publicly available Codes of Conduct.

Download Global Modern Slavery Statement 2024 (PDF)

Commitment to Human Rights and Global Frameworks

SoftwareOne is committed to upholding human rights and freedoms outlined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognized frameworks, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

SoftwareOne has and continues to implement measures such as training our employees on our Code of Conduct, applying a zero-tolerance approach when faced with Human Rights violations, enforcing a Code of Conduct for Partners, conducting risk mapping and due diligence on suppliers and organising communication campaigns on related topics.

SoftwareOne focuses on creating a fair and ethical working environment for our employees, partners and clients. The nature of our business, our goals and our policies on human rights impact how we monitor our supply chain. Our focus is directed at preventing modern slavery given that other declared human rights are not impacted by the software industry.

In 2024, SoftwareOne reviewed the risks its software and cloud partners pose against the UN Global Compact Industry Specific Risk Factors and concluded that there are no significant threats relating to these areas.

Our Supply Chain

SoftwareOne acknowledges the risks associated with modern slavery in complex global supply chains. SoftwareOne implements stringent processes to evaluate, monitor, and manage its suppliers' adherence to ethical standards. Due diligence assessments ensure that suppliers align with SoftwareOne's values and comply with anti-slavery and human trafficking laws.

The SoftwareOne Integrity Line is a dedicated reporting channel, designed for anyone associated with SoftwareOne to report discrepancies or concerns. It offers a secure, confidential, and anonymous platform to report misconduct and ethical supply chain concerns. In addition to the Integrity Line, SoftwareOne offers an external reporting telephone hotline open to external stakeholders. It offers multi-language support, is operational 24/7 and is toll-free for calls made within the country. For more information, please visit our website.

Third-Party Risk Management Programme

SoftwareOne has a robust Third-Party Risk Management Programme designed to identify and mitigate supply chain risks, including modern slavery. This process identifies suppliers that pose the highest risk based on factors such as location and industry. A questionnaire evaluates the supplier's compliance with various standards, including Data Protection, ESG, Risk, Compliance, Procurement, and Data Security. The questionnaire provides a comprehensive assessment of the suppliers’ practices, policies, controls, allowing for a consistent and objective evaluation of supplier risk. This programme encompasses:

  • Risk Assessment: Regular assessments identify vulnerabilities, enabling prioritized actions to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Code of Conduct for Partners: The SoftwareOne Code of Conduct for Partners explicitly prohibits forced labour, child labour, and any other form of modern slavery.
  • Due Diligence: Due diligence is conducted on potential suppliers to evaluate their commitment to human rights and ethical practices.

Continuous Improvement and Training Commitment

SoftwareOne is committed to continuously improve its approach to combating modern slavery by:

  • Regularly reviewing and updating procedures to align with evolving regulations, best practices and to ensure effective risk mitigation strategies are in place.
  • Training and educating relevant personnel to raise awareness of modern slavery risks.
  • Addressing modern slavery in our Code of Conduct to ensure that employees, partners, and our supply chain uphold the highest ethical standards and are protected from any forms of injustice.


SoftwareOne remains resolute in its commitment to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking and will persistently collaborate with our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to uphold human rights and ethical standards across our global operations and supply chain.

Signed on behalf of SoftwareOne:

Brian Duffy, CEO