Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering Threats

Cybersecurity User Awareness

Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering Threats

Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering Threats

Without any doubt, cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest employee, and a data breach is often a result of human behavior, either by clicking on a malicious URL link or opening a malware-infected attachment in an email that has bypassed technical security controls. Creating an awareness of social engineering threats and a strong culture around cybersecurity threats and best practices is an important step towards threat prevention and reducing the risk of cyberattacks that are trying to trick your employees in giving up sensitive information or compromising your network. Help your employees gain an understanding of cyber threats, the potential impact a cyberattack will have on your business and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cybercrime infiltrating your online workspace.

SoftwareONE’s Cybersecurity User Awareness service helps you to close the security knowledge gap of your workforce and to build a lasting and successful awareness and education program to protect your business against social engineering threats.

You can have all the wonderful technologies and layers of security protections in place, but ultimately it comes down to the person — to people being really aware of the threats and knowing how to detect them and how to report them.

Prepare Your Workforce for More Sophisticated Cyberattacks

From ransomware and phishing to unattended laptops and CEO fraud, there are many threats out there that can massively damage your company. While advanced attacks also aim on technical settings such as how to crash servers or bypass firewalls, employees often are the last line of cyber defense.

91% of all data breaches start with a spear phishing attack.

(Cybersecurity Ventures)

In 2019, a business fell victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds.


Average cost of ransomware attack: $713,000

Predicted annual savings for implementing Security Awareness training: $677,000

Employees who receive security awareness training are significantly better at recognizing security threats than those who have not received training!

Make Your Workforce the Core Pillar Of Your Cybersecurity Defense

In reality, human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches. In other words, if human error was somehow eliminated entirely, 19 out of 20 cyber breaches may not have taken place at all. When a thief is able to bypasses all the security tools and processes – User awareness is key. To help you better protecting your business we offer you a comprehensive Cybersecurity User Awareness service to improve the cybersecurity awareness of your employees systematically through the following approach:

Cybersecurity User Awareness Service

Kick-off Your Cybersecurity User Awareness Strategy

Designed as a fully managed service our Cybersecurity User Awareness offering helps you to take proactive measures to mitigate the risks of social engineering threats by planning, executing and managing phishing simulation campaigns and security awareness training programs. Our service is available in two levels (Gold and Platinum) to ensure that you can meet your security and business objectives.

Improve Knowledge End User Security and Compliance Training End User Security and Compliance Training
Increase Transparency Reporting and dashboards Advanced reporting and dashboards
Improve Security

Quarterly Phishing Campaigns

Remedial training for users who fail Phishing tests

Monthly Phishing Campaigns

Remedial training for users who fail Phishing tests

Phishing Incident Response

Reduce Effort

AD integration

Manage and maintain Phishing and Training Campaigns

Customized Phishing Templates and Landing Pages

Quarterly Reviews with Service Success Manager

AD integration

Manage and maintain Phishing and Training Campaigns

Customized Phishing Templates and Landing Pages

Bi-Monthly Reviews with Service Success Manager


Service Success Manager ensures Customer Satisfaction

24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Become A Leader in Cybersecurity Awareness

Reducing the risks or vulnerabilities created by your people is not simply about increasing rules and restrictions, but about developing an effective security culture. Raising the levels of awareness and understanding cyber risk will drive the implementation of a “cybersecurity conscious behavior” across your organization. Let us guide you on this way and help you embrace the full value of:

   Increase availability with less effort

   Optimize cost

   Reduce risk and meet compliance

Rely On The Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world often requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – helping you to better secure your business and protect your assets from possible threats.

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