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In the past, Data Centers were often built as isolated, on-premises locations managed within each organization. Now, however, businesses are more likely moving to a Cloud-only or hybrid approach with different solutions in place to support and enable the development, testing and deployment of servers and applications. Without the proper capabilities, organizations may find that managing and operating these new cloud environments day-to-day can become very complicated. Managed cloud services can resolve the issue of gaining control over a multi-cloud environment and can even provide the ideal kickstart for your tailored cloud strategy. Are you ready for your Cloud journey?

IT Challenges in Data Centers

Cloud infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex as the demand for future data centers to keep pace with growing data rises. New business applications and advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming a larger part of IT infrastructures as they are developed and delivered through the cloud.

Top-ranked challenge of widely utilizing edge computing is cybersecurity of devices / equipment (17%), followed by managing costs (14%).


59% of Cloud experts say technology is moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.


Only 11% of executives believe that their data centers are updated ahead of current needs.


As a result, corporate IT teams need to ask a variety of questions, such as:

How do I build a Cloud strategy that best meets my business needs?

How can I maximize resource utilization to extend the life of an existing data center and reduce operating costs?

How do I keep my Cloud secure while making sure to meet compliance and data protection guidelines at the same time?

How can I reliably and confidently support my organization in terms of people, processes and tools today?

Optimize Your Business & Master Your Cloud Migration

Many organizations have not migrated their workloads to the Cloud because they aren’t sure where to start. Our Managed Cloud experts have put together an eBook called “Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration” to provide you with detailed insights on the Cloud and to ease the burden of getting started. 

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NEDLADDNING Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration

E-bok: Bli redo för molnet

I den här e-boken beskriver vi vilka molnlösningar som finns samtidigt som vi förklarar hur en förenklad och kostnadseffektiv övergång till molnet görs. Lär dig mer om den kraft som finns i molnet och hur du hittar rätt modell.

Infographic: Managing Budget and Spend in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Key challenges around governing, managing and optimizing cloud budget and spend summarized into a handy infographic. It highlights key facts from industry surveys and summarises 6 steps that you can take to manage your cloud budgets and spend.

Download Infographic

Case Studies

Omnico Halves the Cost of its Azure Spend with Managed Cloud Services

Så halverade Omnico kostnaden för sina Azure-utgifter med hjälp av managerade molntjänster

SoftwareONEs managerade molntjänster gjorde det möjligt för Omnico att minska sina Azure-kostnader. Samtidigt har de kunnat säkerställa en säker och effektiv dygnet-runt-support till sina globala kunder. Kundcaset är på engelska.

Rodobens Drives Digital Innovation Strategy

Digital innovation skapar konkurrenskraftig position för Rodobens

Förbättrad IT-användning och effektivitet i Azure Cloud hjälper Rodobens att upprätthålla kundnöjdhet. Övergång till Office 365 och molnbaserad miljö, har ökat affärsflexibiliteten och kunnat leverera nya finansiella produkter.

La Mesa RV

Azure moderniserar La Mesa RV

La Mesas IT-system var föråldrade och inte längre tillräckliga för det ökade affärsbehovet. Övergången till Azure skapade en avancerad och pålitlig IT-miljö och moderniserade och säkrade La Mesas affärsverksamhet.


What the Experts say: Our Blog

Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Fördelar och utmaningar med att börja använda artificiell intelligens (AI)

Artificiell intelligens är nog enklare än vad du tror! Upptäck möjligheterna - och utmaningarna - med att implementera AI i din organisation (artikeln är på engelska).

Cloud Workload Security: Should You Worry About It?

Cloud Workload Security: är det något att oroa sig för?

I denna artikel förklarar vi hur säkerhet i din arbetsbelastning för molnet (Cloud Workload Security) fungerar, de vanliga riskerna med molnarbetsbelastningar och hur du kan säkerställa säkerheten (artikeln är på engelska).

  • 22 april 2020
  • Digital Supply Chain, PyraCloud, Molntjänster
  • Strategy, Challenges, IT-budget

Hantera kostnadssvansen i leveranskedjan för mjukvara

Kostnadssvansar uppstår när det finns oredovisade kostnader som inte kan kontrolleras inom en organisation. Här förklarar vi hur dessa kan minskas.

Plan & Accelerate Your Cloud Journey: Our Services

Make Your Cloud Journey A Business Success

Make Your Cloud Journey A Business Success

Grow Your Success in the Public Cloud while Unlocking Business Values with our Future Data Center Services.

Portal to Simplifying Azure

Leverage the Power of Azure with AzureSimple

Simplify Your Cloud Transformation with Improved Availability, Cost Control and Dedicated Support.

Leverage the Power of  Azure with Unified Support for Azure

Leverage the Power of Azure with Unified Support for Azure

Develop your Azure strategy and benefit from an Azure environment that is optimized for your business needs.* *Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Server & Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing only


Accelerate Adoption & Realize the True Benefits of AWS

Find the answers to the business challenges you face and develop, plan, and implement your AWS strategy.

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Eliminate the Operational Burden for Your Compute Services

Design, build, automate and manage your cloud initiatives from end to end while you concentrate on your customers and your business.


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