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As an innovative IT service provider for insurers, msg life not only wants to equip its customers with the latest technology, but also to be a pioneer of digitalization itself and provide its employees with modern productivity and communication solutions.

In addition to migrating Exchange from on-premises data to Microsoft 365 and introducing new communication and collaboration capabilities through Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, the company took advantage of SoftwareOne's customized employee training and Adoption & Change Management Services. These helped ensure that the entire migration project was positively received by employees despite the major change process in their day-to-day work. The SoftwareOne Unified Support for 365 service rounded off the project and continues to help msg life optimally adapt its IT environment and keep a constant eye on cloud spending.

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Lift-and-shift migration to M365, SoftwareOne Adaption and Change Management Services, SoftwareOne Unified Support for 365
We were looking for a service provider to support us during the implementation and rollout of Microsoft 365. We found a strong partner with whom we want to raise teamwork throughout the company to a new level. All employees will benefit from the powerful collaboration tools that will be used throughout the company from now on.

Klaus Huber
Head of IT Services, msg life ag

About the client

For over 40 years, msg life has been setting standards in the market with its software and consulting solutions for insurance companies. Customers around the world place their trust in the expertise of IT specialists. With offices throughout Europe and branches in the US, msg life provides both standard solutions and customized services and consulting offerings.

The challenge

To make communication and data exchange between employees, customers or partners even more flexible and simple, a company-wide standardized solution was sought. This should not only enable all 1,200 employees to exchange data regardless of location, but also provide agile and efficient collaboration throughout the entire company. To meet all these requirements, msg life opted for the cloud solution Microsoft 365.

Since the migration to Microsoft 365 was msg life's first cloud application, the company needed an experienced partner by its side who would not only help introduce the new technology, but also lay the foundation for the company's future agility. msg life wanted a full-service partner who would help employees make the best use of the new technology as well as increase the motivation of end users through professional training.

In addition, the company was looking for a way to ensure the secure operation of the new cloud solutions on an ongoing basis without pulling its own resources out of the operational business.

The solution

After a detailed analysis of the existing system landscape as well as the organizational structures and requirements of msg life, SoftwareOnr developed the Microsoft 365 architecture design and migrated the data to the new Azure cloud environment using the “lift-and-shift” method. With the introduction of the Microsoft Intune mobile device management solution, the company was able to integrate mobile devices into its own IT environment, increasing the agility and reach of corporate communications.

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive now serve msg life as new communication and collaboration platforms that enable centralized and decentralized communication with simple data exchange between employees, customers and partners.

In addition, extensive security and compliance settings completed the new working environment. The security concept created by SoftwareOne outlines the technical framework and safeguards the requirements of the GDPR, including the authentication of users or the access control of mobile devices.

Furthermore, the managed service SoftwareOne Unified Support for 365 regulates the continuous operation and support of the Microsoft 365 environment, reducing the burden on the internal IT department.

Customer Portal msg life

It wasn’t just employees who benefitted from the new solution. SharePoint Online was chosen as the basis for the development of a new and innovative customer portal, which serves to expand the B2B business. The previous customer portal was replaced and transferred to a new architecture with the support of SoftwareOne. Thanks to a sophisticated authorization model, msg life can provide its customers with individualized content after login that relates to the customer's corresponding product landscape. Using the new solution on mobile devices opened up new channels for product marketing and customer communication.

Adoption & Change Management Services

To ease the transition to the new way of working, msg life used SoftwareOne’s Adoption & Change Management (ACM) Services.

SoftwareOne helped employees to get to know their new working environment better and to facilitate the change in their working behavior. The focus was on building knowledge. Questions regarding usage were made available to all employees through use cases.

Numerous learning videos in German and English on the topic of Microsoft 365 were individually created and made available to all staff in a learning portal. FAQ sessions were also offered with the SoftwareOne trainers, where all employees had the opportunity to clarify open questions. In addition, a Microsoft 365 Communication and Collaboration Policy was developed by SoftwareOne. This is intended to continue to drive and consolidate the positive effects of the new working environment.

The result

  • Managed Service SoftwareOne Unified Support for 365: Reduction of risks and complexity in the cloud environment as well as optimization of operating costs by SoftwareONE experts.
  • Increased acceptance of technological changes through SoftwareOne’s Adoption & Change Management Services: Rapid return on investment through use of the functionalities of the new Microsoft 365 workplace environment.
  • Target group-oriented employee training: Individually created learning videos convey expert knowledge and practical handling of the new IT solutions.
  • Productivity increase thanks to the new communication and collaboration platforms Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online & OneDrive: Improved communication and exchange possibilities across the company.
  • Location-independent working from any device thanks to mobile device management through Microsoft Intune.
  • Implementation of needs-based security solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) as well as conditional access for full control of data access.
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.