Cloud Managed Services for AWS

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Cloud Managed Services for AWS

IT leaders continuously balance priorities between delivering new innovations to the business and maintaining predictable operations of their critical estates. Add to that the challenge of retraining or hiring technical talent as you transform to the cloud, and the pressure mounts.

Savvy leaders bridge the talent gap by bringing in the right partner to help manage their cloud environments while they transform their own teams’ skills and practices. A leader’s job to shape their team for the future is never fully complete, but with SoftwareOne you can think bolder and do more.

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Bridge the talent gap with the experts you need to operate in the cloud

SoftwareOne Cloud Managed Services for AWS provide cloud experts and modern tools and automation to help ensure the rock-solid operation of your organisation’s IT engine room. A team by your side, recommending and implementing technology, process, and cost optimisations, aligned to your business goals.

  • 24/7 support: Sustain operations with global support in a time zone near you.
  • Reduced risk: Ensure security and governance of your cloud estate with a proven AWS managed services provider.
  • Cost optimisation: Manage cloud spending and avoid surprises with anomaly alerts.
  • Reliability: Minimize downtime and improve resilience of data and systems.
  • Performance: Monitor and improve system performance.
  • Structured flexibility: Get a little help, or a lot—for part of your portfolio, or all of it.
  • Self-service controls: Fine-tune your level of support through tagging.

Blend your level of support with structured flexibility

SoftwareOne Cloud Managed Services tiers are applied on a cloud account basis, giving you the structured flexibility to make decisions about the level of service you need for each account in your portfolio. We act as an extension of your team—from just-the-basics to fully managed.

  Essentials Advanced Premium
  Licensing and support Cloud operations Fully-managed lifecycle
Flexible licensing & billing
Spend management
Spend anomaly detection
Incident & service request management1
Infrastructure monitoring  
Backup management  
Patch management  
Governance & compliance  
Cost optimisation recommendations  
Cost optimisation remediations    
Landing zone management    
Identity & access management    
Enhanced security    
IaC workload management2    
Change management2    
Provisioning, orchestration & configuration    
Custom monitoring    

1 Optional
2 Requires workload transformation to infrastructure as code (IaC)

We run your daily cloud operations, so you don’t have to

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