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Expertise in Licensing, Software Compliance and Regulations, Cloud Governance and Cloud Security

Technology Solutions for Finance

We help banking, insurance and wealth management customers understand what their cloud and technology rights and obligations are from a compliance perspective.

We help you face the challenge of operating in a regulated, risk averse industry in the digital age, and to balance stability and security with the agility moving to the cloud can give you.

You are facing tough regulatory requirements and SoftwareONE fully understands your licensing agreements, particularly your complex cloud service agreements. We work together with you to deliver a specialized service – ensuring you maintain compliance and security in the cloud.

With SoftwareONE you can conquer compliance complexity and risk. Your CIO and CTO have a vision to help your business grow and become more nimble. We help your business become more agile by helping to plan for, build and run new technologies and solutions that allow the business to focus on tasks that drive innovation, growth and progress.

SoftwareONE can consolidate your cloud spend, manage license consumption, and facilitate cloud migration so you can focus on what is important – your customers.

SoftwareONE has years of expertise in handling complex cloud contracts, and we’ve learned what it takes to manage cloud compliance and security for risk averse finance businesses. From initial assessment to implementation and contract management, we’ll help you minimize spend and maintain optimal security throughout the entire software lifecycle.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey SoftwareONE has the tools and resources you need to help you digitally innovate and remain compliant in a toughly regulated industry.

Technology Challenges Facing the Financial Services Industry

From Data Center to the Cloud

Cloud computing has real-world security implications for the financial sector. Cloud infrastructures allow finance institutions to become more agile and reduce IT spend. However, migration to the cloud can be complex: The right technical and organizational functions must be in place for a sustainable migration that provides long-term institutional benefits.

Compliance and Data Regulations

The financial services industry faces unique cybersecurity challenges, including rules and regulations to prevent fraud and protect consumer data. No industry feels the weight of concern and fear of a cloud data breach more than the financial sector.

Choosing the Right Cloud Strategy

More businesses moved to the cloud in 2017 than ever before, and this trend is only expected to increase, with 73% of companies planning to move to a fully software defined data center in the next two years. Financial services has historically been slower to make the move. However competition from fast moving fintech innovators on the rise means risk averse finance companies must innovate their tech delivery methods in order to stay relevant.

How we can Help

Your Legal Team

Your legal team is concerned about the complexities within licensing and cloud agreements whose terms and conditions can be difficult for a non-technical person to understand. They need to know that any service your organization ends up adopting adheres to the tight regulations you’re held by. SoftwareONE supports your legal team through the negotiation process with your cloud service provider. With experience consulting with 65,000 customers, we can advise you on what’s reasonable to ask and expect from your contract.

Your Finance Team

What does a good licensing and cloud agreement look like? SoftwareONE can demonstrate this with examples of the ROI we’ve brought to our customers.

Our publisher advisory team can also help your finance team determine what KPIs they should be negotiating as part of their licensing discussions. In addition to knowing what your KPIs look like, you also need to know how to meet them. And that’s where a partnership with SoftwareONE comes in.

We can show you how to optimize your spend and with our wealth of knowledge we help you achieve your own financial goals during the negotiation process.

Your Procurement Team

Your procurement team manages the day to day transactions, placing of orders and pricing of new services and products within the business. They want to know how they’re buying the service, who they’re buying it from and the best way to manage the transaction. They also want to know how to manage their software entitlements and stay compliant. With our solutions such as PyraCloud procurement workbench SoftwareONE can support your procurement team in ensuring they are not signing up for more than they need.

We deliver a “zero-touch” service that covers your entire digital supply chain. You can outsource your entire digital supply chain to us, we’ll get you the best price possible when we evaluate your licensing agreement.


Security is of utmost paramount to CISOs. Is your data being handled securely? Are all the security standards of the service you want to adopt in line with regulations? What type of technology is being used to deliver these security protocols?

These are all questions which we can answer for you. We understand the unique requirements you’re concerned with – security protocols, security risks and how to mitigate them with real expertise.

Our managed security service works across top cloud providers to secure your users.

Experience You Can Count On

Access to 9,000+ Leading Publishers

Our expert consultants will help you choose the best software to meet your needs – at the best available price.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Our specialists have, on average, over 15 years of experience helping finance agencies select the licensing options that best fit their needs.

Optimized Contract Vehicles

Streamlined purchasing contracts for financial institutions.

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

SoftwareONE is part of a highly selective program, of Microsoft to create high impact as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Azure partners.

Comprehensive IT Solutions for Finance Organizations

Cloud Spend Management

PyraCloud provides you with tools to digitize your supply chain, manage contracts and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple cloud providers.

Licensing Support

Expert licensing support and analysis for Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, SAP, IBM and other publishers.

Cloud Services

Support with private cloud acquisition, compliance, data security and migration to the cloud.

Software Asset Management

Gain visibility over your entire software portfolio, reducing costs and mitigating risk.

Resale Licensing

SoftwareONE can provide resale licensing for many of the publishers we offer.

Why SoftwareONE?

You can feel reassured by our knowledge and expertise. Our financial clients rely on our unique expertise for end-to-end software licensing, compliant cloud and data security, software asset management and procurement support. Our people, processes and systems allow us to offer guidance and management capability over the entire software portfolio – whether local, remote, within a data center, or in a multi-cloud environment. We’ll help you uncover and implement solutions and services to run your organization smarter.

What Our Clients Say

Cloud Cost Control for Azure Environment with SoftwareONE’s PyraCloud Platform

The LA Metro needed to optimise their Azure environment. We worked with them to deploy PyraCloud which gave quick insight into actual spend, which was 3X higher than anticipated.


Getting Oracle Cost Savings in Line with Oracle Advisory Services

An international supplier based in Singapore had a mismatch in Oracle licenses and contracts – the team engaged SoftwareONE’s Oracle Advisory practice. This resulted in an Oracle Effective License Position and brought the company into…

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

SoftwareONE Delivers Savings in the AWS Cloud

Grupo Transocéanica’s container tracking system had limited function, it wasn’t scalable and was leading to complaints. We helped to develop a system that ran on AWS Cloud and transformed the business.


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