Industry Advisory Board Event:

Leading Innovation in the New Normal

Leading Innovation in the New Normal Business Set-Up

  • 05 November 2020 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM (EST)

Our first Industry Advisory Board session focused on current business disruptions, and the new leadership models needed to navigate into the next normal. We were thrilled with the conversation and the interaction and look forward to your participation in our upcoming November session.

Our November session will dive into innovation and rapid evolutions of business models and will be moderated by Subrato Basu, SoftwareONE Vice President, The Research Board.

Leading Organizational Innovation in the New Normal

Thursday November 5th, 2020 11:00am – 1:30pm ET

During this session we will discuss:

  • How you should position your company to pursue innovation in a post-pandemic world
  • How to keep the wheels of innovation turning at your company despite the upcoming economic upheaval.


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11:00 am 

Opening Introduction

Mr. Frederik Storhaug, Global Director SoftwareONE

11:05 – 11:30 am                   

Business Key Note Session: How Innovation and Agile Concepts Played a Key Role in the BASF’s Success

Mr. Marcelo Lu, Marcelo Lu, President of BASF Canada

11:30 – 12:00 pm

Thought Leadership Keynote: Managing Innovation in the New Normal Business Set-Up

Dr. Lisa Friedman, Co-founder & Partner, Enterprise Development Group

12:00 – 12:30 pm

Business Key Note Session: Steering Change in a Whitewater World - Do You Need an Altitude Adjustment? An inspirational travel log from pilot to pilot testing.

Mr. Brian Cobb, CIO-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

12:30 – 12:45 pm

Session Reflections

Mr. Subrato Basu

12:45 – 12:55 pm

Coffee Refresh

12:55 – 1:25 pm

Breakout Sessions (please select one)

  • Session - Innovation – CIO’s and Regenerative Economy (Ways around Creating the Innovation Blueprint)
  • Session People – Managing People side during Pandemic – Stakeholder Engagement


Dr. Lisa Friedman

Mr Srinath Sridharan

1:25 – 01:30 pm

Closing Thoughts

Mr. Frederik Storhaug, Global Director SoftwareONE

Session Overviews:

Business Thought Leader Session Overview:

How Innovation and Agile concepts played a key role in BASF’s Success – Marcelo Lu, President, BASF Canada

The session will cover the BASF’s innovation and digitalization strategy and will provide insights around how BASF under the leadership of Marcelo played an important role in innovation towards regenerative economy bringing the start-ups to test solutions in sectors such as supply chain, food, materials, energy, mining and automotive. He will also touch on sustainability-focused activities and how technology leaders can contribute.

Marcelo Lu Author Image

About Mr. Marcelo Lu, President of BASF Canada | Business Thought Leader

Marcelo Lu was appointed President of BASF Canada effective February 1, 2016. In this role, he chairs BASF Canada’s Executive Committee and heads BASF Canada’s Leadership Team.

Lu leads BASF Canada’s internal business support groups, including: Communications, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, and Market and Customer Development and orchestrates all of BASF’s businesses in Canada. He is also responsible for the implementation of the company’s global and regional strategies in the country.

Prior to moving to Canada, Lu was Vice President, Business Management Polyamides and Precursors, for BASF in Asia Pacific. He has held various positions within BASF Group, including global lead buying positions for natural gas based products and derivatives and Staff to a Board Member. Prior to joining BASF, Lu held several consulting positions at International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector development arm of the World Bank, in Washington, DC.

Industry Thought Leader Session Overview:

Managing Innovation in the New Normal Business Set-Up – Dr. Lisa Friedman

Enterprises are re-writing their business models post pandemic that has created fundamental shifts forcing organizations to work asymmetrically, finding ways to keep pursuing ideas against the corporate grain while also leveraging hidden, untapped resources. Just as the entire global economy shifts, so must corporate innovation. But that is also what corporate innovators are best at, adjusting and adapting.

Lisa Friedman Author Image

About Dr Lisa Friedman | Industry Thought Leader

Dr. Lisa Friedman, works with leaders and teams globally to facilitate a shared understanding of the trends transforming their industries, to set a clear innovation strategy for the future, to install simple but powerful innovation practices and tools, and to design their organizations for the future.

She is a frequent speaker on "Innovation Silicon Valley Style" and future-driven leadership. Lisa is a co-author of The Dynamic Enterprise: Tools for Turning Chaos into Strategy and Strategy into Action, Creating Value with CO-STAR: Perfecting and Pitching Your Brilliant Idea, and several articles and book chapters on innovation leadership including Global Innovation Science Handbook, Chapter 4 - Leading Innovation: Ten Essential Roles for Harnessing the Creative Talent of Your Enterprise. She drives Silicon Valley Innovation virtual Immersion Programs, bringing leaders from around the world for visits combined with integration sessions to build learning into their own blueprints for the future.

Dr. Lisa is passionate around Climate Reality and is working together with like-minded individuals to solve the greatest challenge of our time. She’s a cultural leader, organizer, and storyteller committed to building a sustainable future for the next generation.

Business Thought Leader Session Overview:

Steering Change in a Whitewater World - Do You Need an Altitude Adjustment? An inspirational travel log from pilot to pilot testing – Mr. Brian Cobb, CIO Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

We are now living in a whitewater world that is hyperconnected, rapidly changing, and radically contingent. In Design Unbound (MIT Press, 2018), Ann Pendleton-Julian and John Seely Brown argue that a new approach is needed to address the complex and entangled challenges that are increasingly common in this dynamic world. They describe a new mindset, based on understanding complex systems from an ecological perspective, and introduce a new set of tools to respond to these challenges.

At the session, you will hear how CVG’s CIO Brian Cobb departed from pilot aspirations, followed a path of Customer Experience, and landed at a cross-roads between Information Technology and Innovation. Brian will share how CVG’s living lab is working with eager talent and cutting-edge tech. In turn, CVG’s collaborative wins are accelerating further innovations, bringing viable and scalable product to market, developing new streams of revenue, creating a cultural shift to future-proof, and doing it all in the interest of advancing consumer experiences in a curated manner. And if this can work at an airport, it can work almost anywhere.

Brian Cobb Author Image

About Mr. Brian Cobb, CIO-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport | Business Thought Leader

Brian is a native Cincinnatian and a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, having received his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science and holding commercial pilot and flight instructor licenses and associated aircraft ratings. He received Airport Council International’s “International Airport Professional (IAP)” designation in 2013. He has over 29 years of aviation experience, working in both airline and airport sectors.

Brian joined CVG Airport in July 2010. He now oversees the Airport’s team of professionals working in the fields of Customer Experience and Terminal Services, Information Technology, and Innovation programming.

Among his key focal points are start-up innovations and integration into the airport ecosystem.

Recent CVG wins include

  • Fastest growing airport in the U.S. for both passenger and cargo volume
  • The only US airport with two cargo hub operations (Amazon’s Prime Air and DHL)
  • Winning Airports Council International’s Best Airport North America 5-15 million passengers
  • Winning Skytrax awards for airport quality and/or service seven out of the last eight years
  • Winning Air Cargo World’s award for Best Airport
  • Developing a unique model of innovation for non-traditional streams of revenue and to further CVG’s position as an industry disruptor and outside industry influencer
  • First domestic U.S. airport to
    • Deploy autonomous equipment for cleaning and disinfection measures
    • Deploy wearable technology for enterprise asset management, safety, and security
    • Deploy IoT devices for monitoring and engaging with employees and customers
    • Deploy cloud-based passenger check-in technology allowing check-in processes anywhere
    • Use interior drone photography for advanced wayfinding purposes
    • Trial advance personal electric vehicles for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Creation of the Leading Individuals Forward Together (LIFT), a social engagement model for airport staff and disabilities organizations, in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Collaborative curation opportunity with massive scale, in-airport museum displays courtesy of the Cincinnati Museum Center

His current community engagement is to connect the start-up ecosystem to Universities and small/medium/large cap businesses while leveraging CVG as a living laboratory. Brian remains committed and passionate about business-to-social embrace of disabilities and consumer engagement modeling through emerging technology.

Breakout Session Overviews:

To maximize collaboration within our advisory board, we will change the format slightly and will be offering breakout sessions for smaller groups to have moderated discussions on specific topics. The breakout sessions will then return to the group. During registration you can select your Breakout Session.

  • Innovation – CIO’s and Regenerative Economy (Ways around Creating the Innovation Blueprint)
    • CIOs are well-positioned to take a leading role in creating new business value and bolstering competitive agility in the circular economy. Technology is a critical driver towards building this. This session will discuss this increasingly important role of technology that puts CIOs in a central position in the transition to circularity. With a unique view and understanding of the overall tech needs of their organizations, CIOs can — and should — assume the role of a corporate change agent responsible for driving circular innovations.
      • Led by Dr Lisa Friedman; Co-Founder and Partner, The Executive Development Group


  • People: Managing People during a Pandemic – Stakeholder Engagement
    • This unprecedented crisis has showcased the vulnerabilities of macro-economies, governmental policies as well as the business models of corporations. Any crisis fosters an environment for fresh strategic thinking and quicker acceptance of hard decisions. Today’s crisis is far-deeper and global in nature, allowing Boards & CEOs to bring in lateral thinking to redesign & retool their organizations. People are the center to the whole model. This session will cover critical aspects as to how enterprises can leverage their key assets into a competitive brand advantage.
      • Led by Mr. Srinath Sridharan, Board Member Wadhawan Group