adoption and change management


Making the Most of Your Microsoft Teams Implementation: Adoption and Change Management

  • On-Demand
  • Unified Communications, User Productivity

The rush to adopt remote working solutions caused many organizations to move their plans into the express lane and launch Microsoft Teams without a full transition and adoption plan for their end-users. We have found that this has created challenges, including Teams sprawl, security concerns, inconsistencies with usage, runaway meeting times, and emotional drain on remote workers. Teams is a holistic solution for collaboration and connection, but users require a proper change management strategy to ensure adoption and successful utilization.

During this on-demand webinar, our experts discuss:
 - Common challenges our customers are facing and how to overcome
 - Understanding the people side of change
 - How to enact an adoption plan after the launch of Teams
 - Teams Best Practices for user adoption


You can't reverse time, but you can retroactively develop a change management and adoption program. Let SoftwareONE help you enable your end-users for successful remote working with Microsoft Teams.