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365Simple with embedded Adoption & Change Management

Enable Your Workforce to Drive Business Success

365Simple with embedded Adoption & Change Management Enable Your Workforce to Drive Business Success

Any change can be disruptive, but there are few changes that impact an organization as much as the introduction of new communication and collaboration technology such as Microsoft 365. For many organizations, Microsoft 365 drives the transformation from traditional approaches, or processes towards a new way of working.

Convincing people to break long established habits and embrace the full functionalities of Microsoft 365 can be much harder than simply deploying technology and certainly much harder to predict the outcomes. To be successful, you need a way to manage the people-side impacts of change and harness the collective power of your high-risk, must-win projects and initiatives. If you are ready to enable your employees to Microsoft 365 and deliver lasting behavioral change, our 365Simple service is the perfect starting point for you. With embedded Adoption & Change Management, 365Simple helps you navigate through the complexity of delivering Microsoft 365 while making sure that all employees adapt and adopt the change this is bringing.

Knowing not only the technical requirements and procedures but also bringing along a deep expertise from various (global) migration projects makes us a big differentiator in the market: We deliver the technology but we also understand and leverage the people side of it. As one of the first global partners awarded with the status of a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization you will benefit from our demonstrated knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in delivering customer projects.

Why Change Management Matters

When investing significantly into Microsoft 365 you want to add value to the business by enabling your workforce to be more productive and to collaborate more effectively while making sure that the technology is being used improves your overall business success. This not only requires to simply enable the technology; you also need to enable your people. That requires a very different set of skills and methods – making Adoption & Change Management a key driver for success.

Ignoring the people side of change creates risk. When the adoption and usage of a solution is ignored, and the focus is exclusively on meeting technical requirements, the result is excessive risk and cost:

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Loss of productivity due to new environment and barriers in accessing data and applications people are not used to.

Poorly change management is costly and requires unplanned investments if not planned properly.

Business success suffers from delayed projects because of missed deadlines, budget overruns, unplanned investments rework and even abandonment.

Adoption & Change management is the proper approach to driving adoption and usage so initiatives deliver expected results and outcomes.

Improve Your Business Productivity with SoftwareONE

Failing to plan for and address the people side of change is costly, and change management is the discipline to help mitigate those mission-critical risks. At SoftwareONE, we know that when changes are implemented and adopted and used by your employees, it leads to better project results. Together with us, we help your employees better understand adoption and change and create a workplace that is more open-minded and open to change. Adoption and Change management can help ease this tension and create a smooth process.

Prosci research confirms that projects with excellent change management produce as much as 6X better outcomes than those with poor change management. And better project outcomes improve the financial and strategic success of your project investments. We help you make your adoption and change management strategy a success so you can soon:

Grow adoption and increase productivity for Microsoft 365 workloads

Provide licensing usage and adoption transparency to identify cost saving potentials

Accelerate business transformation and drive continuous innovation

Make Your Adoption and Change Management a Success – with 365Simple

As you now want to start a proper Adoption & Change Management, you will build lasting capabilities throughout your organization helping to create and deliver the required change and adoption across all entities and employees. While training and coaching are an essential part of your strategy, it’s important to bring together the right people and tools to drive this whole process further.

Designed for customers who are ready to embrace the full features of Microsoft 365, who have an existing Enterprise Agreement but would like to migrate to CSP or who have an existing CSP but without our service, our 365Simple with embedded Adoption & Change Management is the ideal service starting point. SoftwareONE’ Associate Consultant for Change Management will partner with important enablers across your organization and supports you with creating a long-term strategy for end-user adoption und sustainable change of work-style. We will understand your business objectives and identify the required change activities and guide your stakeholders through a variety of planning and actions. In addition to that, a Service Success Manager makes sure that your overall project around 365 stays on track and produces the results you aim for.

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Embrace the full Adoption & Change Management Benefits in 365Simple

We help you to ease the burden of developing a proper roadmap and support you with delivering successful project implementations. 365Simple with embedded Adoption & Change Management is available in two levels (365Simple Advanced and 365Simple Premium) to ensure that you can understand the principles that are required to reach your business goal.

Productivity Enablement – Learning solution for end users with scenario based learnings

Communication deliverables for M365

Regular Adoption & Change monitoring and reporting

Engagement with Associate Consultant for ACM – committed to your Adoption & Change Management process

Adoption and Change Management Framework including Adoption & Change Management plans

Dedicated Single Point of Contact for IT Management and Change Management

Rely On The Global Expert

Cutting through the complexity of today’s digitized world often requires a reliable and trustworthy partner that always goes the extra mile. At SoftwareONE, we are going above and beyond to help our customers succeed – as one of the first global partners awarded with the status of a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization.

10,000,000+ users moved to the Cloud

Certified Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001:2013

600 Future Workplace consultants supported by Prosci-certified Change Management Coaches

#1 Microsoft Cloud Provider globally with 65,000 customers

24x7 certified support in 11 languages

Applying adoption and change management enables organizations to deliver results on each change more effectively and build competencies that grow the organization's capacity to tackle more changes at one time. 365Simple with embedded Adoption & Change Management gives you the foundation to not only drive the technical implementation of new technologies but also the process and activities that project teams utilize to support successful individual change. If you are ready to learn about our Adoption & Change methodology get in touch with us.

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