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Advanced Virtualization and Cloud Strategy

VMware Advisory Services

SoftwareONE’s award-winning VMware Advisory Services are designed to support your business regardless of your stage of development within cloud migration and virtualization. We’ll help you optimize the performance of your existing VMware assets and shape the blueprint for your future investments, aligning processes with big-picture IT goals.

Top Virtualization Challenges

Storage Management

Storage is a valuable – and often costly – resource within virtual environments. Managing storage resources is a top priority throughout the virtualization process: When a storage bottleneck occurs, it can lead to serious issues. SoftwareONE can provide comprehensive assessments to help you optimize your VMware utilization and ensure sufficient storage capacity.

Monitoring & Reporting

Virtual environments require constant supervision and performance monitoring. Proactive monitoring and reporting are necessary in order to prevent complicated, costly issues. SoftwareONE can help provide greater visibility into your VMware performance so you can continually track changes.

Change Management

Managing the changes that occur within a data center is a mandatory task for all IT environments, but it is especially important within virtualized environments due to their unique architecture. Changes that may seem insignificant can have a major impact on performance. SoftwareONE can help ensure all changes are captured meticulously for quick, efficient review.

Award-Winning Services for All Stages of Virtualization

Customized VMware advisory services including licensing support, contract management, and business continuity consulting.

Virtualization Optimization Assessment

SoftwareONE’s Virtualization Optimization Assessment enables your business to quickly start increasing capacity, performance and savings. Find out how your current virtual infrastructure is performing: We’ll help you identify over-provisioned VMs, achieve higher resource utilization, and get more out of your existing investments.

Data Analytics

VMware Licensing Analysis

SoftwareONE consultants will provide a comprehensive analysis of your licensing footprint and entitlements. The results of the analysis will provide valuable insight into license metrics, software use terms and restrictions, optimum licensing models, and core recommendations.

VMware Contracting Support

In order to get the most out of your VMware investment, it’s important to analyze the terms and conditions of your unique contract. SoftwareONE can provide advice on alternative licensing scenarios, customize the contract design to optimize spend, and leverage our expertise and knowledge throughout the contract negotiation process.

Business Continuity Assessment

Data is paramount for any business. Our Business Continuity Assessment will gauge the security of your data and existing capabilities for retrieval. Our consultants will make recommendations on how VMware and alternative technologies can enhance your business continuity strategy.

Why SoftwareONE?

At SoftwareONE, our mission is to drive tangible results for our customers: We want to see them achieve their goals. With this in mind, our VMware Advisory Services are targeted precisely to each customer’s needs, helping you create an IT infrastructure that’s finely tuned for rapid growth and digital transformation. Our software expertise and deep business insight allow us to provide world-class services for our over 55,000 customers worldwide. Ready to get more out of your VMware investment? Contact us to learn more today.

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