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Managed Backup

Protecting Your Data On-Premises or in the Cloud, any Cloud.

SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud Leaves You in Control

Your data is your second most important asset next to your employees. Protecting that data is your number one priority but you may not have the resources, bandwidth, know-how, or time to ensure a cohesive backup program. SoftwareONE enables organizations to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud backup, while maintaining access and ownership.

Complexity and growth of data  environment

Complexity and Growth of Data Environment

Data volume and data storage points are increasing exponentially – managed backup can alleviate the complexity.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

A lack of automation of security policies could lead to holes in your environment – managed backup provides consistency by ensuring the same policies are applied across your environment.

Security & Compliance

Cost Optimization

We work within your consumption needs to provide optimal performance.

Protecting data is a 365 days a year job.

In a world where data is an organization’s most valuable asset, data backup is the insurance policy every company needs to protect against lost intellectual property and revenue. Let SoftwareONE be your backup resource.

Your Benefits with Managed Backup Services

Reduce Complexity

A single view into all of your data. No matter where you decide to store your data – know that it is easily retrievable via our managed backup service should the worst occur – keeping your business and your employees up and running.

Improve Visibility of Data

Organizations typically have various third-party data backup services – managed backup gives you a single view into many cloud instances.

Minimize Organizational Burden

Effective backup is complicated and time consuming – using a managed service ensures your IT department isn’t further taxed.

Maintain Control of Your Data

Using a third party for backup can be daunting but with SoftwareONE’s managed backup your data is accessible via your cloud storage at all times.


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