Digital Workplace Security

Smart security for the new world of work

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Digital Workplace Security

Remote work is the future. But that means data has never been more accessible and at such high risk. Theft by malicious intruders or loss from employee missteps are real daily concerns. McKinsey estimates that up to 25% of the workforce can work remotely three to five days a week. And employees who deliver physical services to the home and other locations must connect to service management platforms to coordinate their work and record outcomes. We help keep business data secure wherever work happens.

SoftwareOne Digital Workplace Security Services add security without contributing to your staffing overhead. We operate a dedicated security operations center (SOC) that tracks data vulnerabilities globally to prevent losses due to break-ins or employee errors.

Guard your data, reputation, and P&L

The APIs and user access points that open the door to remote productivity also invite attacks that increase data, reputational, and financial risk. According to the 2021 Cost of Data Breach Report, the average cost of a security incident at companies with a high percentage of remote workers is $5.54 million.

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Take the security burden off your team’s shoulders. Our specialists identify gaps in your security systems, including whether a move from Microsoft 365 E3 to E5 or from a basic to a higher Google Workspace plan is justified or crafting a multi-layered, integrated security plan using your existing or new security solutions. We implement the program and, once live, help protect against, detect, and respond to attacks.

  • Protect

    We help shield your business from threats, reducing the attack surface across identities, servers and endpoints.

  • Detect

    Our dedicated SOC monitors and investigates security alerts 24x7, working side by side with your IT department to help flag any issues as soon as they occur.

  • Respond

    Rely on rapid, intelligent action when a breach is detected. We help restore compromised business systems and prevent attacks from spreading.

Security for the Great Retention

The option to work remotely is a benefit that is crucial to retaining the best people and attracting Millennial and Gen Z talent. It also presents security challenges. SoftwareOne Digital Workplace specialists constantly train to deliver the latest guidance and practices to customers to address current threats and prepare for future attacks.

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    Transparency rules

    Millennials and Gen Z account for 46% of workers. The transparency they demand can put data at risk of leaks. We put strong governance in place to encourage secure practices.

    Source:Gallup, March 2021

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    Remote days

    Flexible work schedules raise productivity, according to 85% of executives. We enable that flexibility while ensuring only those in your organisation access your data.

    Source:IWG Global Workspace Survey, 2019

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    Collaboration tools

    72% of U.S. companies will invest in virtual collaboration tools. We monitor and harden your infrastructure to help prevent meetings from being hijacked and data leaked.

    Source:PwC Pulse Survey, 2021

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    Prevent resignations

    About 30% of global workers are likely to quit if required to be in the office full-time, adding significant HR costs. SoftwareOne lets your team collaborate securely from anywhere.

    Source:LiveCareer Survey, 2021

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SoftwareOne Cybersecurity Updates

Our security experts track vulnerabilities and new intrusion strategies as they evolve around the world. Visit us for a monthly update about the threats and solutions you need to know to secure your business and infrastructure.

See our security team in action

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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.