Video Conferencing

The Foundation for Your Modern Workplace

Integrating Video Collaboration Into Your Everyday Business for Success

There are more online meetings than ever before. The average employee meets 8 times per week. For executives in high-tech industries that number shoots up to 17 online meetings a week. A collaborative, connected workforce is fueling rapid growth in virtual meetings. More than one-third of all meetings are now virtual meetings. Participants can attend from remote offices, the road, or anywhere with a phone line.

That´s why today’s mobile workforce highly depends on technology to stay connected. A device with the right technical amplification can stretch the physical boundaries of the office and act as a virtual meeting room. Throw in modern office solutions such as Microsoft 365 and you increase the demand for compatible video conferencing solutions as part of your overall Unified Communications (UC) strategy.

Different Types of Video Conferencing (VC) Systems

From managing remote teams to closing business deals overseas, video conferencing has become a critical need for businesses of all sizes and functions. With HD video streaming and clear, noise-reducing audio, the best video conferencing technology can transform your business operations by bringing an in-person experience to your digital meetings. For a successful video conference, you need a few tools. Depending on your needs, there are different types of video conferencing systems you can choose from.

Desktop video conferencing

Desktop VC

All the conferencing hardware and software is built-in to a computer or laptop.

Telepresence video conferencing


Multiple screens or monitors are used to make everyone feel like they're joining the meeting in-person.

Room-based video conferencing


The video conferencing technology is built-in to the room itself (e.g. Huddle Room).

No matter which type of video conferencing you choose, there are numerous use cases for video conferencing technology – they keep you connected with colleagues, clients, and prospective employees.

Microsoft Teams - Collaboration for The Modern Workplace

With Microsoft Teams as part of Microsoft 365, easily start video calls directly from various applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). Microsoft and other partners offer a special conferencing solution that has been tested and certified for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is user-friendly and ensures an engaging, high-quality user experience, releasing the full potential of your team and significantly improving collaboration at a reduced cost.

Top Uses for Video Conferencing Technology

  1. Team Meetings
  2. Webinars
  3. Product Demos
  4. One-on-One Training and Support
  5. Job Interviews

Explore New Ideas on a Platform Designed for Collaboration

  • Bring teams together on a big screen and discover new ways to generate ideas. Ink directly and naturally on the Whiteboard, and capture all your ideas.
  • Join Microsoft Teams meetings with a single tap. Share content effortlessly. Easily send meeting notes and content.
  • Collaborate in new ways, with apps optimized for large-screen pen and touch experiences. Pull in multimedia and content from other apps.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing

Keyboard Icon

Enabling today’s digital workforce

Idea Icon

Simplifying management and usability

Video Chat Icon

Improving communi­cation through video-first culture

Question Icon

Increasing communi­cation reliability

Teamwork Icon

Improving value and reducing conferencing redundancy

Discover How You Can Empower Your People Wherever They Work

Welthungerhilfe needed a unified communications and collaboration solution in their daily efforts to combat hunger. Our SoftwareONE UC experts ensured a smooth transition from a legacy telephone system to an easy-to-use video conferencing solution. Now the Welthungerhilfe team can easily set up and host audio and video meetings anytime, anywhere.

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Prepare for Your Way of Hybrid Work

The workplace has changed on a foundational level. Today’s modern team doesn’t need to be located in the same rbuilding to be productive. The age of the hybrid, flexible, and remote worker has finally arrived. In this new landscape, companies are downsizing their physical real-estate, reworking their employment strategy, and making significant changes to the way teams will connect in the years to come. The meeting room is one of the most significant environments facing a massive change in the age of hybrid work. Now that around 74% of the workforce wants to continue working from home for at least 2 days per week, the hybrid workforce appears to be the design of the future.

Video Conferencing is Here to Stay – No Matter the Industry


From procurement to engineering to final product review, video conferencing improves manufacturing efficiency every step of the way.


Immobile patients or patients who live in remote areas can receive medical care and be monitored from the comfort of home.


Video conferencing in the classroom facilitates incredible interactive learning experiences.

Video call with people from different industries


There’s no substitute for looking someone in the eyes while making some of life’s most critical decisions and business deals.

Global Business

Whether collaborating with internal teams or with partners and customers, global businesses rely on video conferencing to share information, solve problems and make decisions quickly.

Government & Public Sector

Video conferencing provides a cost-effective way to extend the reach of governmental programs while delivering an authentic way to stay connected with teams and partners.

No question about it, video conferencing that is simply serviceable or rigid and unevolving is no longer a viable option to support modern, hybrid work. Building a thriving Human Enterprise in the coming years hinges on video communication — ultimately finding a better way to support the humans behind modern work.

SoftwareONE´s Evolving Offerings to Thrive

Software Publisher Advisor

Publisher Advisory

SoftwareONE has forged relationships with the top technology firms around the globe – including Microsoft – to help you choose, implement and use the best solution for your business challenges.

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Based on your individual business need our 365Simple service helps you embrace the benefits of Microsoft 365, including Teams, and reduce the user and operational complexity.

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