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Customers win when technology providers work together. We have built our technology partner network over 30 years on a foundation of trust, effective marketing collaboration, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. When you work with SoftwareOne, you can focus on what you do best — delivering outstanding software and solutions.

The SoftwareOne Solution Provider Partner programme helps you reach new clients and forge long-term relationships while reducing risk from competitive solutions. We extend your sales team, identifying new client service opportunities and connecting your products to potential customers in 90 countries. Plug in to grow your business.

The power of partnership delivers customer confidence

Stronger together defines our approach to building long-term customer relationships. Work in a trusted, flexible, mutually beneficial model with access to a portfolio of customer engagement, development, and support capabilities to address any customer's needs.

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Structured for your success and customer satisfaction

The Partner Connect global program offers a contractual agreement that supports reciprocal partnering to deliver comprehensive IT solutions to the end user. Our non-competitive structure has clear rules of engagement that ensure we keep the client's needs first. The referral program helps reduce risks from competitive solutions while forging long-term customer relationships. With profit-sharing contracts in place, both parties participate in sales successes to encourage ongoing collaboration.

Two approaches to partnership, one dynamic agreement

Partner-to-SoftwareOne referrals

Referring a customer project that lies outside your capabilities is a quick, easy way to engage and earn with SoftwareOne. Based on your guidance, we engage with the client to support their requirements. When we complete the project, you receive a reward, a percentage of earned profitability.

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SoftwareOne-to-partner referrals

Some scenarios require a partner to deliver a service outside our area of expertise. We refer the opportunity to a qualified Partner Connect company, asking them to lead the customer engagement. Upon completion, you share a percentage of the profitability with SoftwareOne.

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Discover the power of partnership

We’d like to work with you. Share a few details about your business and we’ll get right back to you.

Discover the power of partnership

We’d like to work with you. Share a few details about your business and we’ll get right back to you.