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What is FinOps? Your guide to cloud financial management

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FinOps (Cloud Financial Management) is essential to ensure members of your organization are taking ownership of their cloud usage, primarily from a cost optimization standpoint. Over the last year, organizations around the world have experienced outside forces that have disrupted their typical business operations. There is no doubt that the cloud has become one of the biggest business disruptors to date, and now organizations must be able to leverage this technology to add value and boost efficiency.

Download our guide to cloud financial management to learn:

  • What FinOps is (the operating model for the cloud – combining systems, best practices, and culture to increase an organization’s ability to understand cloud costs).
  • Why it’s crucial for organizations to define and implement a FinOps governance model.
  • The steps required to get started with FinOps so you can start managing software and cloud spend more efficiently and effectively.
  • About the three iterative phases of FinOps – Inform, Optimize and Operate – and how they enable various teams within your organization to access the important information required to make data-driven decisions.
  • How to create a culture of accountability within your organization so you can reach your financial and operational goals by maximizing every dollar spent in the cloud.