Application Modernisation Services

Modern applications for a cloud-native world


Application Modernisation Services

Modernising applications by rewriting or refactoring the code to make them cloud-native is crucial to realising the full benefit of a hyperscaler cloud platform. Without modernising, applications suffer from the same legacy inefficiencies in the cloud as they did in the data centre. The lift-and-shift approach provides new flexibility, but legacy apps often cost as much, if not more, to operate in the cloud. Hiring developers and bringing them up to speed is slow and expensive.

SoftwareOne Application Modernisation Services assist customers with assessing, planning, developing, and deploying modernised applications. After rearchitecting, they typically save 40% in cloud costs and unlock new cloud capabilities that deliver additional business value.

Cloud maturity is built one modern app at a time

Our global talent pool, market-leading tools, and proven methodology let us support your needs at any stage in the journey to the cloud, from your first steps to the deployment of your hundredth cloud application.


A proven methodology for modernisation

Advise. Make modernisation decisions based on a predictable business case with projected cost savings and return on investment. SoftwareOne engages with your team to discover, analyse, and prioritise the applications for migration or modernisation. We use automated tools to analyse the condition of applications, reducing technical and financial risk. At the end of the process, your team will have a strategic roadmap with recommended architecture, a modernisation plan for each of your target applications, and an optimised business case for your cloud investment.

Build. Next, your SoftwareOne cloud engineers will implement a cloud landing zone and engage our developers in a DevSecOps pipeline built for rapid and continuous code delivery until your project is complete. Our team uses an expanded version of the well-architected hyperscaler framework, and employs repeatable patterns and accelerators that deliver highly performant code. Working with your team, we rehost, replatform, and refactor target applications based on your custom plan.

Manage. We ensure that your application delivers the improved performance you expect. You can choose to have our managed-services team operate and enhance your applications on an ongoing basis, using FinOps disciplines to optimise your software and cloud estate.


Accelerate digital maturity with SoftwareOne in your corner

  • Business agility

    Reduce technical debt to address your business needs with agility. Modernisation pays down technical debt to let you focus on new capabilities.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Reduce TCO with automated analysis of technical requirements and cost considerations across compute, storage, network, database, and analytics.

  • Improved performance

    Get global availability as you scale to millions of users and petabytes of data. Hyperscalers share the security, compliance, and maintenance workload.

  • Unfettered innovation

    Unlock data, automate manual processes, and improve customer experience. Leverage hundreds of purpose-built cloud services, products, and APIs.

  • Developer velocity

    Boost productivity and speed with modern tools and practices. Empower developers with better tools and automate test and deployment with DevSecOps.


Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.