SoftwareOne Intelligence Fabric

Ignite AI with proven accelerators and practices

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Safeguard digital assets, ensuring authorised access, while managing your data for accuracy, traceability, and streamlined innovation

Understand the data ecosystem maturity of your organisation and establish a vision and practical AI implementation roadmap

Collect data from multiple sources, integrate it into a unified format, securely store it, and structure it carefully to facilitate subsequent analysis

Generate new data points or augment existing ones to enhance the quality and diversity of your dataset, making it more suitable for AI applications

Understand the problem space, select appropriate algorithms, and design the AI model, training methodology, and integration

Automate the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle by combining ML, DevOps, and data engineering practices

Enhance the usability, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction of AI products and solutions

Aid organisations in using new technologies like generative AI and in embracing a data-driven culture

Leverage our strategic partnerships with over 30 leading data and AI technology providers, including early access programmes

The art of the possible

A sampling of use cases from recent client work.

  • shopping tag icon

    Marketing content generation for e-commerce platform

    European retailer

  • apps icon

    Increased efficiency and quality of application development tasks

    Multiple clients

  • chemistry icon

    Predict chemical reactions for disaster response

    European public sector organisation

  • document icon

    Automated contact centres

    Multiple North American companies

  • news icon

    Detection of sensationalism in news articles with deep learning models

    European media network

  • machine learning icon

    Machine learning platforms modernisation

    Multiple clients

  • window code icon

    Advanced data analysis of software license compliance with open-source technologies

    Multiple clients

  • file alert icon

    Auto trained and tuned anomaly detection and alerts for SAP

    Large North American manufacturer

  • payment icon

    Payment verification with automated anomaly detection

    Middle Eastern airline

  • line chart icon

    Machine learning based sales forecasting

    European pharmaceutical manufacturer

  • block icon

    Cargo prices forecasting engine

    Large Middle Eastern airline

  • newsletter dev icon

    Automatic email content extraction using OCR to create business intelligence reports

    Oil and gas company

  • analytics icon

    Predictive data analysis and governance

    North American manufacturer

  • artificial intelligence icon

    Global data unification allowing for self-service BI and advanced analytics

    European hospitality group

  • law icon

    Virtual assistant for legal and contractual advice

    Latin American oil and gas company

  • three dimensional world icon

    Global data platform for data monetisation across multiple regions

    Middle Eastern payments leader