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Communication is easier than ever. With Skype for Business as part of Microsoft 365, you can communicate directly with your coworkers and business partners through your familiar Office applications on any device. The Skype for Business interface brings telephony, video conferencing, audio calling and content sharing into one application - saving you both time and money. Discover the benefits of seamless communication and collaboration today!

Increase Productivity With Microsoft Teams

Despite all these benefits, it’s now time to consider Microsoft Teams as a replacement collaboration platform. The reason behind this is Skype for Business is being phased out in favor of Microsoft Teams. The end-of-life plan for the platform was announced in 2017, but the first practical steps will be taken in July 2021 with the shutdown of Skype for Business Online. Skype for Business Server 2019 will be supported with patches and essential updates until 2025, but the product will no longer be updated or actively sold.

Skype for Business EOL Timeline

This means a replacement is necessary in order to continue the use of telephony and chat functions over the Internet. As a replacement, companies that rely on Microsoft as the technological basis for their digital workplace can begin to use the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams.

The advantage: Teams is part of most Microsoft 365 licenses. Your system administrators can easily activate the application for employees, because as a web app that runs on the Azure cloud computing platform, Teams works on any device. It can be used both via a browser and as a desktop application or mobile app.

Microsoft offers assisted upgrades to Teams to help organizations make a successful transition from Skype for Business Online.

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