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Cloud Services for Google

Organisations committed to accelerating business evolution choose the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), an open, secure, and compatible infrastructure for building and running applications. GCP's proven zero-trust, carbon-neutral architecture supports infrastructure and applications modernisation, democratising data with next-generation AI and improved collaboration. Taking full advantage of GCP's power and flexibility requires experience with the platform.

SoftwareOne Cloud Services for Google deliver the commercial and technical expertise to help you choose the right solutions that serve your unique business needs. A Google Cloud Premier Partner for more than a decade, we support your project with 10+ specialised certifications and global multi-language support services. Certifications include Google Cloud specializations in Work Transformation and Location-Based Services, and GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Database Engineer, Data Engineer, Developer, DevOps Engineer and Workspace Administrator.

Google Cloud strategies that deliver

Our experts make the complex manageable.

  • Google Cloud Premier Partner
  • Experts in infrastructure, application modernisation, business and analytics for Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps Platform, and Google Workspace
  • Managed migration and modernisation
  • One invoice for Google Cloud and ISV products
  • FinOps insights and automation for continuous cost optimisation
  • Governance, security, and compliance expertise
  • Change management and support services

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Accelerate cloud adoption with SoftwareOne

Build your cloud using a flexible process proven during more than 750 Google Cloud projects. We work closely with you to benchmark your organisation's current cloud maturity and identify appropriate roadmaps. Our migration and modernisation process gives you a clear view of your future and the path to achieving business goals on Google Cloud.

  • Discovery

    Our cloud specialists lead an assessment- and workshop-based discovery process to understand your business objectives. We discover and analyse current applications and cloud maturity to compile data, and we interview all stakeholders to identify and group infrastructures by dependencies.

  • Planning

    Following the Google Cloud process, we identify apps and workloads that can be moved to GCP. We design the landing zone, address networking and security issues, and determine how to manage identity and billing. Our 7R methodology prioritises workloads for the appropriate action.

  • Implementation

    After you approve the GCP plan, our specialists manage and implement each phase of adoption, migration, transformation, and achievement of results. We execute the plan iteratively, working with your business leaders to make decisions and improvements based on the results of our continuous analysis.

  • Optimise

    SoftwareOne can operate and supervise your migrated services and infrastructures, establishing a model of operation and continuous improvement. We provide ongoing assessments of new products and services as well as provide resource control, billing, and cost optimisation advice.

Our Google Cloud team powers innovation journeys

    Google Maps Platform Support

    Discover the power of maps, routes, and places. Transform customer, partner, and supplier relationships with Google Maps Platform as a pay-as-you-go service. Our Location-Based Services team builds and manages geolocation services to reinvent your user experience, optimising your operational cost.

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    Kết nối với chuyên gia

    Hãy chia sẻ về thách thức của doanh nghiệp. Chúng tôi sẽ liên hệ lại trong thời gian sớm nhất.