Digital Supply Chain

Achieve Speed, Cost Optimization and Transparency

Digital Supply Chain

Procurement Process Automation

Seismic world events have accelerated the requirement for companies to work remotely, digitize and be cloud ready. Traditional procurement and vendor management processes are not agile enough to meet the needs of their organization’s rapid digital transformation – which has been compressed from years into months.

SoftwareONE’s Digital Supply Chain (DSC) service (DSCSimple) is an enterprise-grade offering that increases transaction speeds, cost benefits and transparency through digitization and process efficiencies, ultimately leading to the elimination of wasteful investments and a better user experience across the organization.

Top Five Software Procurement Challenges

  • Establishing and maintaining a central purchasing platform

  • Enforcing standardized procurement with a well-maintained catalog

  • Maintaining the proper resources to process transactions and handle the volume of requested purchases

  • Properly tracking and preparing renewals

  • Calculating the real expense of procurement and adjusting costs to actual demand

Challenges and Benefits of an Effective Software Digital Supply Chain

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Additional Software Procurement Offerings

Business man works with the PyraCloud dashboard

Integrated Software Lifecycle Management

Real-time access to your software license and agreement information, procurement details, and reporting – all in one intuitive portal.


Advisory & Vendor Management Services

Get holistic consulting on strategic and operational aspects of software procurement based on global experience from over 24,000 customers.


Spend Management Services

Management of your software portfolio for targeted spend reduction and license risk management throughout the entire procurement process.



Our all-in-one platform offers complete visibility and control over your software estate and procurement processes from the data center to the cloud.


SoftwareONE provides support at every stage of the procurement process – from negotiating with vendors to recommending alternative products and providing real time reports.

Karen Chenery, Senior Commercial Manager at Atkins IS

If you want to find out more about SoftwareONE's strong partnerships with a variety of publishers and vendors, please visit our Publisher Advisory landing page and check out your benefits when working with us.

Your Bottom-Line Value

Data Transparency

Get a clear view into your procurement data by having access to central purchase information and an archive of quotes, orders, invoices and reports so you can align your current demand with upcoming renewals.


Optimize costs by analyzing renewals for saving potential. Reduce administration efforts with access to historical data for planning prognoses and a properly maintained catalog.

Processes Management

Save time by managing renewals for agreements and licenses through an intuitive interface and pre-defined shopping lists. Or let SoftwareONE’s Service Success Manager assist you with the renewal process and recommended catalog maintenance.