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Modernize, Optimize and Scale Your Business

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SoftwareONE Next-Gen ISV Partner Program: Modernize, Optimize and Scale Your Business

ISVs and solution developers may find themselves with a range of challenges as they work to bring new offerings to market while delivering on the existing needs of their clients. Addressing security, compliance, availability, reliability and performance across the business are only a few of the issues facing modern ISVs. Ensuring the business continues to innovate, optimizes expenses and drives economies of scale are likely among the top priorities for ISV owners and executives.

SoftwareONE’s Next-Gen ISV program provides the tools and services to modernize and fundamentally transform your business. Our program provides the services to scale your business by minimizing risks caused by large upfront investments, while you focus on your core business and capabilities.

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Benefits of SoftwareONE's ISV Program

Modern and Innovative Applications

Modernize your applications to enable innovation while reducing technical debt and cost. Increase the speed of delivery and reduce inefficiencies.

Cloud Optimization

Maximize the benefits of cloud solutions, monitoring, preventative maintenance, and overall optimization of your environment.

Unlock New Markets

Target new market opportunities for your respective applications through co-selling activities and global marketplace.

Remove Operational Burden

Identify the barriers to cloud adoption and create a cloud roadmap based on the organization’s existing capabilities and IT needs.

Next-Gen ISV Transformational Model

Where are you today?

Identify and analyze the current state of your technology plans. What threats does your business face that can limit your growth?

What do you need?

Design an architecture that optimizes your existing resources, reduces costs and enables you to scale your long-term business plans.

How do you get there?

We align your vision with technology to provide a clear roadmap of your journey to achieve transformational excellence.

What will you achieve?

Significantly improve business outcomes through the transformation of your people, processes and performance.

Our Next-Gen ISV Services

Application Modernization

Identify the right strategy by defining and designing the best approach to modernize your application portfolio using cloud-native technologies.

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Cloud Management Services

Managed Cloud

Embrace the power and cost benefits of cloud computing, data backup and storage, and cost optimization to develop leading-edge products and services.

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Simple Services

Maximize the value of your Azure and AWS investment. We guide you through cloud cost control, cost optimization and how to best migrate your workloads to Azure or AWS efficiently and securely.

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Businessmen discussing cloud financial management tables and charts

Cloud FinOps

Bring financial accountability to cloud spend, enabling global teams to make informed business decisions. Empower collaboration between IT and the business.

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Master Your Cloud Migration

Many organizations have not migrated their workloads to the Cloud, because it can be difficult to know where to start. Our Managed Cloud experts have put together an eBook “Getting Ready For The Cloud – How To Master Your Cloud Migration” to provide you with detailed insights on the Cloud and to ease the burden of getting started.

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The ONEClub Advantage

A partnership with SoftwareONE through the ONEClub Partner Program is built on the promise to help you grow and scale your business with insightful and actionable guidance. Enabling you to unlock innovation, drive operational efficiencies and reaching new markets is our mission and the foundation of our partnerships.

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