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A table, a chair, a computer, a telephone – those are the building blocks of any office space, however the workplace of the future – or the one we all need today - is based on many other factors and concentrates on the immediate needs of employees such as mobility, flexibility and, of course, productivity. For that, a traditional workplace is no longer necessary. 

For as long as offices have existed, there has been discussion about the ideal structure of a workplace in terms of accessibility, devices, communication, collaboration, data storage & management and security. When planning your future workplace you need to start with identifying which communication and collaboration technologies drive productivity, ensure connected teamwork and most of all allow your employees to fully collaborate. It's important that your co-workers feel valued and are able to take on responsibility. But what is the fuel?

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61% of GenY and 50% of workers aged 30+ believe the technology tools they use in their personal and social life are more efficient and productive than those used in their work life.


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41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or "things," will be generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2025.


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26% of employees think email is a major productivity killer, while 46% of employees rarely or never leave a meeting knowing what they're supposed to do next.


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76% of individuals use video collaboration to work remotely, and 75% of those experienced increased productivity and an enhanced work-life balance.


How does a Future Workplace Enhance Communication and Collaboration?

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Having all solutions in one place for improved collaboration and information sharing as well as more efficient meetings saves users time - 1.1 to 8.0 hours per user per week.


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Decision makers improve their time-to-decision by 17.7%.


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IT compliance and eDiscovery costs are reduced by 13.2%.


One Year On – What are the Workplace Priorities

Organizations responded fast to the pandemic, implementing remote working solutions at pace. But one year on, what challenges are organizations now facing? We asked our Future Workplace consultants about the priorities for customers now that remote or hybrid working looks to be a permanent way of life. Key trends came up time and again: security, unified communications and critically, the human side of tech. Watch the video to learn more.

Events & Webinars

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Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (01): How to Drive Your Microsoft 365 Adoption

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or you are planning to onboard new features of Microsoft's productivity suite, this series helps you to plan, develop and design your adoption strategy. Part 1 will help you to envision your future state.

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (02): How to Train Your M365 User Champions

Explore how to build and launch your individual M365 pre-adoption plan, including a look at your real launch and how you make sure to involve your early adopters as well before rolling out an organization-wide launch plan.

Adopt 365

Adopt 365 (03): How to Deliver Lasting Change with M365

In this session we will be focusing on driving value and how to reach sustain success of your adoption strategy. Learn more about how to maintain the momentum and building upon your success for planning the initial launch of M365 to your business.


Case Studies

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Nycklarna till ett agilt förändringsledarskap

Agil förändringshantering innebär ett anpassningsbart tillvägagångssätt som utgår från medarbetarna, med målet att skapa varaktig förändring inom organisationen. Läs mer om hur du kommer igång (artikeln är på engelska).

6 Challenges with Technology Change Management & How to Overcome Them | SoftwareONE Blog
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6 utmaningar med förändringsledning

Förändring är oundvikligt, men få företag ser hållbart värde i det. I denna artikel berättar vi hur du löser vanliga utmaningar med förändringsstrategier (artikeln är på engelska).

Managing Your Work-Life Harmony During This Pandemic

Hantera balansen mellan arbetsliv och privatliv under Corona-pandemin.

I denna artikeln delar vi med oss av våra bästa råd kring hur du bäst hittar en balans mellan jobb och privatliv i en pandemi (artikeln är på engelska).

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