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Helping Viber raise the security & compliance bar for over a billion users

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Viber is a free and secure calling and messaging app that connects over a billion users with their loved ones all around to world. The app is very popular for its rich and functional user interface, as well as for the range of features that it provides, including one-on-one chats, video calls, group messaging, and updates and discussions with brands and celebrities. All Viber calls and chats are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption so users can be sure that their conversations are always secure.

Viber has set very high standards for security and compliance of their services to meet demanding customer expectations, as well as rigorous regulatory requirements around the world. Such requirements include personal data protection under GDPR in the EU, among other compliance regimes.

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SoftwareOne have been a competent, flexible, and trusted partner to Viber, and we recommend their services to other organisations that are looking to raise the security bar for their Cloud systems.

Amir Ish-Shalom
Viber Chief Architect

The solution

Viber has partnered with SoftwareOne to review and optimise their security and compliance posture on the AWS platform. The two companies have been working together to analyse, review, and optimise the Viber platform to align with the AWS Security Best Practices, the AWS Well-architected Framework, as well as the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. SoftwareOne has also helped assess and optimise the GDPR environment and controls, as well as the effectiveness of these controls on the AWS platform.

The results

“We are committed to the highest security standards for our users, so data protection is an essential requirement for the Viber platform” said Viber Chief Architect, Amir Ish-Shalom. “The SoftwareOne team has provided us with a clear and well-structured methodology to assess our security and compliance posture, as well as with additional insight into the security and compliance of the AWS platform.

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