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Discover how a leading Spanish media group used SoftwareONE to make it easier to distribute its news faster by streamlining communication and collaborating in real time across more than 100 companies.

In the media industry, news never stops. It's a 24x7 business that spans multiple channels. Spanish mass media group Vocento, owner of daily newspapers and television stations in most Spanish provinces, had to find a way for reporters to collaborate on news stories and share live updates as news breaks.

It turned to SoftwareONE to take a completely new approach using Digital Workplace Services and Google Workspace to drive collaboration across all of its publications.

  • 100+

    companies across the Group transformed communication and streamlined processes

  • Faster

    creation and distribution of news across all channels

  • Saved

    costs using Google Drive for storage instead of physical servers

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Improving collaboration across 100+ businesses

Vocento is the leading mass media group in Spain, made up of more than 100 companies with an extensive presence in practically all provinces.

It runs renowned publications such as the daily newspapers ABC, El Correo, El Diario Vasco, El Norte de Castilla and many more. It also operates in the digital and audiovisual markets. The company wanted to improve collaboration within each individual business as well as between the various companies in the group. All the associated journalists, photographers, film teams, newspapers and TV stations needed to be able to exchange information faster at any time, and to create, edit, update and distribute their stories and news closely together. But the various in-house collaboration tools and document management systems in use made cross-discipline collaboration difficult, slow, error-prone and costly.

To solve this issue, SoftwareONE recommended that the company integrates all its various internal systems into Google Cloud by using SoftwareONE’s Digital Workplace Services and Google Workspace.

SoftwareONE’s Digital Workplace and Google Workspace have enabled us to make a cultural transformation focused on improving communication and collaboration. The ability to edit in a straightforward, collaborative way means we can distribute and update news faster. It also enables us to work more efficiently, streamline our internal processes, and have consistent, fast, and efficient document management. SoftwareONE's support and professionalism was crucial during the migration process.

– Raquel Laina, Head of Project Office and Change Management, Vocento Group

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Planting the seeds for a workplace transformation

To kickstart its communication transformation, Vocento selected one of its daily newspapers and associated TV station ‘Diario La Rioja’ to be a pilot for the entire group. Applied methods and best practices learned would then be applied to other publications in the group.

Google Workspace was tested in various scenarios to improve communication between different groups, like editors and photographers for modeling news forecasts, and film teams, journalists and other stakeholders working for the associated television department. By using real-time collaborative documents with Google Drive, communication time was drastically reduced while ensuring a single version of each document.

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At the same time, the mail system was migrated to Gmail. During this process, training and change management sessions were conducted to ensure the new communications platform would be used efficiently by all employees working for Diario La Rioja.

The implementation process included:

  • Planning the functional design and core IT strategy
  • Sessions to identify use cases
  • Use of early adopters
  • Execution
  • Training
  • Commissioning
Google Workspace has opened our eyes to a new way of working. The collaboration between teams across different companies of the Vocento Group has substantially improved. Thanks to features like Google Meet and Google Drive which enable us to share information easily and edit files in real time, we can focus on keeping the news machine running in a faster and more efficient way. By using Google Cloud as our central platform, we have also improved the security of our information management.

– Raquel Laina, Head of Project Office and Change Management, Vocento Group

Fewer emails, lower costs, better processes

Benefits gained by using Google Workspace:

  • Real-time collaboration: Using Google Drive, a cloud-based repository, across Vocento’s 100+ companies radically improved the speed of news creation, distribution and updates.
  • Improved communication and lower travel costs: Vocento used Google Meet for a number of activities including training, project coordination among groups in different locations, personalized support, communication with third parties and recruitment.
  • A significant reduction in email traffic: Thanks to Google Meet and Google Chat, employees can communicate fast and get instant answers, while reducing email volumes.
  • Cost savings through:
    • Fewer licenses due to the use of email groups
    • Lower storage costs as a result of using Google Drive, which drastically reduced the need for local servers

The level of satisfaction with Google Cloud is so high that Vocento Group already plans to use Google Cloud Platform for automation developments. It intends to start with Google Drive APIs in the document management department. It then plans to proceed with video inventory, using cloud storage and machine learning features to provide access to inventory through an intelligent search engine.

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