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MyTeam11 accelerates innovation by 70% using AWS

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MyTeam11 chose AWS to accelerate innovation & growth, while providing users with a greater gaming experience

MyTeam11 has created a thriving fantasy sports platform in India. But the company was challenged to service enthusiasts for its ten featured sports simultaneously. The platform needed more robust automation and expanded capabilities for a scalable response to peak loads. So, together with SoftwareOne, MyTeam11 executed a complete transfer of its server-based application environment to AWS.

The new environment provides scalable capacity and significant performance improvements, high availability assurance, and increased security. With new automation benefits from the AWS services, MyTeam11 can easily test new product features and, with a simple click of a button, bring innovations to market 70 % faster. Furthermore, MyTeam11 has cut costs, including licensing and provisioning, by nearly 80 % and achieved an increase in revenue of 220 % in the first year.

Fully unleashing its innovative power and investing in further development, MyTeam11’s digital transformation has created an excellent opportunity to expand and grow its fantasy sports platform.

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“Lift-and-Shift” migration to AWS of MyTeam11’s server-based application environment
Our strategy, moving to the AWS Cloud, supported by our partnership with SoftwareOne, has provided the perfect combination of technology and expertise to promote our success.

Nitish Bugalia
Head Product & Strategy, MyTeam11

About the client

MyTeam11 is a leading online fantasy sports platform in India with a global reach. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the business has built a user base of more than 15 million+ global users. Fantasy offerings range from cricket to football, basketball, kabaddi, and more. MyTeam11 enables its user’s sports skills and knowledge to earn real money by creating their winning teams for upcoming matches. The company aims to make fantasy sports popular and goes beyond just winning or losing.

The challenge

Cricket is the most popular of the ten sports on MyTeam11’s fantasy sports platform. But the challenge is to simultaneously service enthusiasts for all its sports, even with a tenfold spike for cricket during the Indian Premier League season. The platform must adjust to accommodate all sports schedules, which on-premises physical resources were unable to do in the face of variations in user traffic. MyTeam11 could prepare all year to scale for support of peak Indian Premier League (IPL) play. But even with the significant investment of effort, adequate results were difficult to predict and achieve.

Sustaining the on-premises IT strategy was costly without achieving 100 % reliability. Without automation, all operations, including code updates, were scheduled and executed manually. Attempts to scale web servers to balance peak loads couldn’t satisfy demand. And six large web servers strained to handle heavy traffic or sat under-utilized. Operational issues also slowed time-to-market, resulting in limited innovation of new application features that could improve the customer experience and positively impact revenues.

Winning the title sponsorship for the cricket tour India vs. West Indies provided MyTeam11 a welcome business opportunity to grow revenues and increase global brand recognition. However, the platform would need to be ready for a massive traffic surge during the matches. Fully aware that the existing infrastructure wasn’t adequate, the IT team saw a solution by partnering with SoftwareOne and moving to the AWS cloud. The strategy provides the perfect platform combined with the professional expertise that has enabled MyTeam11 to move ahead successfully.

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The solution

Developing its strategy with SoftwareOne, MyTeam11 planned to move its application infrastructure to AWS. As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SoftwareOne has a high level of cloud expertise, and a team of certified technical consultants was assigned to deploy the MyTeam11 AWS solution.

The fantasy sports provider planned to leverage a full range of AWS native services and solutions, making a complete transfer of the existing Windows and SQL server-based application environment. All on-premises web application servers and SQL database servers were shifted to a new cloud environment. Using AWS, MyTeam11 has gained high availability, scalable capacity, comprehensive security and accelerated performance.

Using assessment and analysis workshops with application owners to document the current estate SoftwareOne refined the solution to cover existing challenges and future requirements. To be best prepared for the West Indies vs. India tour, the team used a “lift-and-shift” migration approach for both applications and databases. AWS cloud backup and restore functionality provides protection, and efficient migration to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud environment (Amazon EC2) was accomplished in just four weeks.

The result

  • High availability: Deployment in multiple Availability Zones provides complete, localized infrastructure with redundant power, networking, and connectivity that maximizes production availability and minimizes service interruptions. The system can automatically recover any server or component failure to ensure continuous gaming operations even during peak demand
  • Performance optimization and scalability: Scalability has been moved from manual operations taking at least six days to automated and instant scalability that accommodates peak usage and easily scales servers up or down based on demand
  • Faster time to market: Improved code quality and productivity using AWS code-build automation have cut the time for new services deployment from hours to minutes. Time-to-market is 70 % faster and allows two or three production releases per day instead of the previous once-a-week
  • Secure environment: SoftwareOne has secured MyTeam11’s cloud environment using best practices for data encryption, placing web and database servers in private subnets, and configuring role-based access control.
  • Reduced expenses: MyTeam11 has cut costs, including licensing and provisioning, by nearly 80 %. The elimination of physical infrastructure has greatly simplified systems administration and reduced operational costs through automation, saving roughly $100,000 annually
  • Focus on innovation and growth: The combination of High Availability, improved security, automation in scaling, and code deployment are directly related to the enhanced innovation focus and capacity that results in “Faster Time to Market” and MyTeam11’s revenue growth
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