Digital Workplace Cost Optimisation Services

Hybrid work without the high price

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Digital Workplace Cost Optimisation Services

Digital Workplace success depends on tuning technology and processes to your needs. Rapid, unplanned cloud adoption creates technical and commercial complexity. As a result, up to 32% of cloud spending is wasted, according to Flexera. Microsoft reporting does not provide cost savings recommendations, and teams often lack the time and visibility into cloud services needed to optimise workloads. You don't need to pay for under-utilised subscriptions and unassigned or duplicate licences instead of getting value for every dollar spent.

SoftwareOne Digital Workplace Cost Optimisation Services apply the power of FinOps to lower Microsoft 365 licensing costs and right-size cloud utilisation. Realise up to 28% in optimisation savings annually with our team backing your IT decision-making.

Map your savings opportunities

Optimise Microsoft 365 to reduce overspending. Pay only for what you need. Our FinOps Foundation-certified experts work with you, analysing your licensing and utilisation of Microsoft 365 to identify potential savings. They continuously track cloud subscription pricing to pinpoint strategies to lower your costs by selecting optimal licence plans and commitment terms or with a monthly flex approach to cloud billing. The result is a high-performing, on-budget cloud environment with minimal commercial risk.

Leverage our unique methodology to achieve the best optimization outcome:

  • Right-size. Avoid over-provisioning and choose user subscription plans based on current and planned utilization and business requirements.
  • Remove licenses. Remove or reclaim unused license subscriptions.
  • Rate optimization. Save money by committing to a longer subscription term to access discounts.
  • Volume flex. Increase or decrease user subscription volumes dynamically for the subscription term(s).
  • Adopt. Identify technology for adoption and increase value from my Microsoft 365 investment.
  • Inform

    We don’t just give you the map, we identify your best route to savings. Get a comprehensive view of your cloud subscription costs with an initial savings report and feasibility assessment.

  • Optimise

    Our FinOps experts provide a plan to rapidly take action to optimise costs and place workloads for improved efficiency.

  • Operate

    We support your continual optimisation efforts with reporting and facilitated multi-team reviews to align technology, financial and business goals.

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Contacta con nuestros expertos

Comparte algunos detalles sobre los desafíos a los que te estas enfrentando y nos pondremos en contacto contigo.