Software Sourcing

Who said buying software has to be hard?


Software Sourcing Services

For over 30 years, SoftwareOne has made enterprise and SME software licensing easy. We build procurement processes to solve every challenge. Our self-service online marketplace provides employees with your pre-approved catalogue of software to help control software spending and keep your organisation compliant. Call on our advisory services to provide software recommendations — and if you need to negotiate complex contracts or respond to an audit, our experts can represent you.

SoftwareOne Software Sourcing Services deliver invaluable insights based on integrated ITAM functionality that monitors licence utilisation and identifies audit risk. Call us to gain total control over your software estate and spending.

Comprehensive software procurement and renewal support

SoftwareOne’s 8,700+ employees work around the clock, around the world, to make software procurement work for your organisation, regardless of where you need to install and run software from over 7,500 publishers. From resolving licensing complexity following a merger or negotiating terms with the largest publishers, including Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM, to implementing a wide range of industry-specific solutions, our team solves software challenges for 65,000 customers. Whatever your needs, call us for a solution that is a fit as unique as your business.

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    Software sourcing services

    Need the right software solution at the best price? Start with our experts, who have 30 years of experience helping companies choose the right vendor and product and negotiate favourable contracts.

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    IT Asset Management services

    Take control of key vendor relationships. Our global team of ITAM experts gives visibility into your estate to help right-size spend, improve utilisation, and reduce compliance and security risks.

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    Our relationships are your leverage

    We combine an extensive network of 7,500 publishers and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Google, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and more than 7,500 other publishers.

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Software marketplace solutions for every business need

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    SoftwareOne PyraCloud, our FinOps-powered marketplace

    Visit SoftwareOne PyraCloud marketplace to transact and manage software purchases with 7,500 publishers.

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    New to SoftwareOne?

    If you’re not yet registered with PyraCloud and need to purchase software or cloud services today, please get in touch to create your account.

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    Buy with SoftwareOne in the AWS Marketplace

    Visit SoftwareOne in the AWS Marketplace to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS through a single solution provider.

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SoftwareOne advice boosts business, government and nonprofit organisations

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    Renewal savings: Carving $3.2 million off Oracle spending

    An energy company entered renewal negotiations with extensive audit risk. We identified unused licences to reduce the cost of the new contract.

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    Eliminating SAP complexity and costs

    A global food and beverage company merged its way into rising ERP expenses and licensing complexity. We saved them $29 million over three years.

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    Strengthen your strategy with FinOps

    Many organisations fail to communicate internally about their cloud spending. FinOps disciplines strengthen your strategy with cloud governance.

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Simplify procurement with SoftwareOne

Take control of contracts, entitlements, and invoicing with PyraCloud, your custom catalogue of approved products. Talk with your account manager to get started.

Simplify procurement with SoftwareOne

Take control of contracts, entitlements, and invoicing with PyraCloud, your custom catalogue of approved products. Talk with your account manager to get started.