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Cloud Workload Security

Stay Ahead of Security Threats & Protect Your Multi-Cloud Environments

Take your Cloud Workload Security to the Next Level

Malicious hackers are constantly creating new malware to breach your datacenters because, whether you know it or not, your data is valuable to them. The problem is that many times, you don’t even know an intruder has compromised your systems until it’s too late.

It's crucial to identify which assets are most critical to your organization and evaluate the security and compliance gaps so you can create a course of action for prevention and remediation. As your trusted advisor, SoftwareONE can easily help you stop malicious activities and improve security effectiveness for your mission critical cloud workloads such as Azure and/or AWS.

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Be Aware of the Top 5 Cloud Security Threats

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Data Breaches

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Phishing & Social Engineering

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Unsecure API & User Interfaces


System Vulnerabilitues

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Lack of Identity & Access Management (IAM) Procedures

SoftwareONE’s Cloud Workload Security Offering

We know that data breaches can be personally impactful. Staying ahead of security threats will require a strong, but flexible, plan. Our Cloud Workload Security service is designed to meet the unique challenges your security and operations teams face when working in the cloud. In order to protect your virtual servers in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment (e.g. Azure, AWS and on-premises) our leading cloud security consultants work with you to plan, build and run your optimal Cloud Workload Security solution following a trusted approach consisting of the three key stages: (1) Protect, (2) Detect and (3) Respond.

Protect - to shield your cloud environment and help you reduce risk by decreasing the surface attack area that can be exploited.

Detect - with our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) alert monitoring to provide transparency and enable intelligent decision making.

Respond - to enable a rapid and intelligent response to security issues that helps improve the availability of critical business systems.

Stop Malicious Activities and Improve Security Effectiveness in Your Cloud Environment

With the shift to cloud-based technologies and processes moving forward, modern businesses need to bridge the gap between traditional security settings and the new need for cloud security simultaneously. This often includes not only monitoring your cloud workloads continuously but also having strong security settings in place across multiple environments such as Azure, AWS and on-premises data centers. With our Cloud Workload Security service we help you to:

  • Improve your cyberthreat protection and resilience

  • Reduce your risks of data/ reputation/ finance loss

  • Increase transparency of your security posture

  • Improve compliance of your security policies and regulatory requirements

  • Reduce complexity & simplify your security management

  • Reduce your overall security costs and improve your operational efficiency

Based on your challenges we have developed our Cloud Workload Security Service to provide you with the best option to protect your virtual servers in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment (e.g. Azure, AWS and on-premises). Depending on your needs and business requirements you can select from three different bundles:

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Malware Protection

Scans for known malware, but also detects unknown threats using machine learning that can recognize suspicious activity.

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Malware & Network Protection

Malware Protection plus additional protection for network traffic and virtual patching for vulnerable servers.

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Malware, Network & Configuration + Application Protection

Malware and Network Protection plus additional protection for your VM configuration and applications preventing anauthorized system changes and app installations.

Know Your Risks and Protect Your Assets

SoftwareONE’s Cloud Workload Security provides you with effective cloud workload protection to secure your virtual servers in a multi-cloud environment (e.g. Azure, AWS and on-premises).

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Rely on our Cyber Security Operations Center

All three bundles of Cloud Workload Security come with our Cyber Security Operations Center (C-SOC) included. The C-SOC continuously monitors your environment and sends alerts that enable your security team to proactively respond to threats and security incidents.


Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

  • Zero touch management and solution deployment

  • The C-SOC is ISO-certified and continuously monitors your environment and sends alerts that enable your security team to proactively respond to threats and security incidents.

  • Manage feature updates and version upgrades

  • Monthly reporting with security recommendations

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