The Simplest Way to Use and Pay for Azure

Unlock the value of Azure with services designed to help you maximize its business value

The New Commerce Experience in CSP for Azure

Microsoft partners can offer Azure services using several contracting mechanisms. The latest is the New Commerce Experience in CSP for Azure which offers clients the ability to pay for consumption, in monthly arrears just as they would with Microsoft Direct MCA. The only difference to the client is that the billing is handled by SoftwareONE instead of Microsoft.

SoftwareONE also offers AzureSimple with the following incremental value to our clients:

  • 24x7 Premier-Backed Technical Support with a 30-Minute SLA based on level of severity which is set by each client.
  • Our Cloud Management Module in PyraCoud to assist with Cost Control and internal back billing.
  • A Customer Success Manager (CSM) aligned to the client for ongoing escalation management and ownership of proactive Azure Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

Why SoftwareONE?

Our proven services and methodology ensure clients are getting the best return on their Microsoft investments. We also optimize consumption by proactively helping clients take advantage of all the capabilities available with Microsoft’s portfolio.

  • $100 Million+ in Professional and Managed Services
  • 5,500+ Technology Experts
  • 5,000+ Azure clients
  • Think globally and act locally in 88+ countries
  • Gold Microsoft Partner
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Azure Migration Program (AMP) certified
Azure Expert MSP

AzureSimple – Helps You Start, Accelerate and Optimize Azure

When a client signs-up, they receive a no-cost solution pack from 1 of 4 offerings to help them get started. They then have access to a wide breadth of customizable Azure Services that will be scoped by our Future Data Center team if the client chooses to enlist us for additional migration and managed services.

Which solution pack is the best choice for each client depends on the maturity of their environment and business needs:

  1. Just getting started: leverage the Advisory Pack
  2. Already have some services running: look to the Server Migration and SQL Migration Packs
  3. Running a higher number of services in production: consider the Optimization Pack
AzureSimple Pacls

Advisory Pack

  • We help build basic knowledge and overarching governance rules on how to use Azure.
  • Understand how operational management will change and develop a clear roadmap identifying which servers need to be migrated first based on compatibility and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Get a ready-to-go Azure Base Environment with 24x7 Cloud Support, PyraCloud Cost Control and a Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Server Migration Pack

  • Validate your operational, security, and cost management best practices to gain maximum control.
  • Understand how to run daily operations with an optimal toolset.
  • Migrate up to 25 virtual servers to Azure.

SQL Server Migration Pack

  • Software Consultants will use the Microsoft Database Migration Assistant to identify compatibility issues that may affect database functionality on the future state of SQL servers including recommendations for improving performance and reliability in the target environment. SoftwareONE will move schemas and data, as well as objects from the source server to the target server.
  • With Azure Hybrid Use Benefit for SQL, customers can save up to 50% on their SQL Core licenses. If the client has an SQL standard or Enterprise contract including Software Assurance (SA), they benefit from a lower number of core licenses in Azure.
  • Lift and shift up to 10 SQL Servers.

Optimization Pack

Get a comprehensive view of who is consuming Azure resources by optimizing operations, security, and cost management. Save 20-50% on Azure costs with an analysis the environment and right sizing the Virtual Machines (VMs):

  • Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Reserved Instances
  • Abandoned instances (Zombie VMs)
  • Power on / Power off automation


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