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Find out how a supplier to the semiconductor packaging industry is transforming into a high-performance workplace using Workplace AI technology Copilot for Microsoft 365.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, organisations striving to create substantial value must anchor themselves in a high-performance workplace. The key to unlocking this potential lies in embracing new technologies, particularly GenAI solutions like ChatGPT and Copilot for Microsoft 365, which are rapidly becoming the bedrock for enhancing productivity and enabling people to work smarter and faster. Advanced Assembly Materials International Ltd (AAMI), a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor industry, recognised this imperative. Eager not only to be an early adopter but also to stay ahead of changing customer demands, AAMI found itself at a crucial juncture. It was at this pivotal moment that the CEO, SC Ho, discovered the transformative benefits of Workplace AI, marking the beginning of a journey towards revolutionising their operational paradigm.

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    modernises the office for a high-performance workplace with Copilot for Microsoft 365

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    to take the next step in cloud adoption and add value to its Microsoft 365 deployment

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    provides staff with more value from Copilot for M365 with OneDrive and helps AAMI to harness knowledge and improve security

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Advanced Assembly Materials International Ltd. (AAMI)
SoftwareOne Copilot Advisory Service
Hong Kong, China
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A productivity boost that changed everything

It all began with a seemingly simple interaction between AAMI’s CEO, SC Ho, and an AI tool, ChatGPT. Ho was initially captivated by ChatGPT’s ability to effortlessly draft AAMI’s monthly newsletters in both English and Chinese that go out to its 2,000 staff at manufacturing plants and offices in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Impressed by ChatGPT’s translation and text generation capabilities, he saw larger opportunities to use GenAI tools to transform AAMI’s digital practices into high-performance workplaces perfectly equipped for the new eras of cloud and AI. The insights gained showed Ho a new way of working, one that could enhance AAMI’s responsiveness and efficiency in a sector increasingly driven by cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, and smart cities.

AAMI’s approach was clear: to thrive, innovation was essential. Ho’s foresight saw Copilot for Microsoft 365 as a solution to challenge and shift the mindset of AAMI's staff, encouraging them to embrace new ways of sharing information and knowledge. This shift was aimed at boosting productivity and directing employees towards more value-added tasks, crucial for maintaining AAMI's leadership in the semiconductor industry.

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From left: Fred Cheng (CFO) and SC Ho (CEO), Advanced Assembly Materials International Ltd. (AAMI)

How Copilot for Microsoft 365 transforms old business habits

Building on its vision for a customer-focused future, AAMI, through its ongoing partnership with SoftwareOne, took a significant step forward. Having already worked with SoftwareOne to successfully set up Microsoft 365 in their company, it made perfect sense for AAMI to take the next leap with Workplace AI technology. With their foundation already firmly established in Microsoft 365, it was a natural and strategic progression for AAMI to be one of the first Asian companies to explore Copilot for Microsoft 365 once its availability was announced. 

Embracing this vision of a customer-centric future, AAMI again partnered with SoftwareOne and implemented Copilot for Microsoft 365 successfully for its first group of users during the initial week of its general availability, making it one of the first sites in Hong Kong to deploy it. Central to this transformation was Ho's interest in breaking away from traditional office habits. Specifically, Ho wanted to get everyone to stop using antiquated practices like saving files on personal drives instead of the company's cloud storage solution, OneDrive for SharePoint. Using the previous method had an effect on its security posture, increased compliance risks, and, if maintained, would reduce the advantages of Copilot for M365. Ho also aimed to show semiconductor industry customers that AAMI is an innovative company that values change and new ideas from within. 

He saw in Copilot for M365 not just a tool for automation, but a means to fundamentally change how AAMI’s staff worked and thought.

To survive in our industry, you need to innovate,” says Ho. So, more than just automation, I see Copilot for Microsoft 365 as a way to transform how our staff think.” He adds, “Our company proudly started in 1980, but a long history can become burdened by people getting used to the old way of working. So, using Copilot for M365 is a way for us to challenge our staff and move them away from their comfort zone. It can show them a new way of working and sharing information and knowledge. I think we can improve productivity and move staff towards higher-value-added tasks.


For a carefully selected, controlled group of early adopters, SoftwareOne's Copilot Advisory Service guarantees a successful initial deployment of AAMI through comprehensive adoption and enablement, going above and beyond simple guidance. The programme teaches participants the ins and outs of Copilot for Microsoft 365, a digital practice management tool, and how to optimise its functionality for AAMI's specific needs. For instance, Copilot for Microsoft 365 can only learn from files housed in OneDrive. By showing how file storage on local drives affects the performance of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in the AAMI environment and puts AAMI's data at risk (e.g., in the event of a lost laptop or ransomware compromise), SoftwareOne helps AAMI staff change this practice.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Get in touch with our experts now.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Get in touch with our experts now.

Key recommendations from the advisory service included:

  • Improve the value of AAMI’s Microsoft 365.
  • Use OneDrive comprehensively to modernise AAMI’s digital office, improve its security posture and maximise the value of Copilot for M365.
  • Improve adoption and change management by setting up the necessary processes to help AAMI make the right decisions and enable its workers to quickly adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365 and use its full benefits.

Showing how data, cloud and AI magnify knowledge

As AAMI continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a technology-driven business landscape, its journey serves as a beacon for other organisations aspiring to embrace change and drive innovation.

The successful integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a big step forward in AAMI's ongoing efforts to be the best and most flexible in the fast-paced semiconductor industry. SoftwareOne's role in this journey was pivotal, with their recommendations enhancing the value of AAMI’s Microsoft 365 environment.


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