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Software Sourcing Support Services

IT Procurement is time-consuming and preparing for a renewal process with a strategically important vendor can take six to 12 months. Depending on your level of readiness, contract costs can vary by hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Organisations often enter negotiations without thorough preparation, leaving the vendor in control. Supplement your team with our contracting expertise to reduce commercial risk and software costs.

SoftwareOne Sourcing Support Services put you in the contract-negotiation driving seat with data-driven assessments of your current and future needs and vendors' proposed terms. Our advisors can provide software recommendations based on entitlement and compliance terms that ensure you are not at the mercy of vendors.

Advice that saves money

“SoftwareOne provides support at every stage of the procurement process – from negotiating with vendors to recommending alternative products and providing real-time reports.”

–Karen Chenery, Senior Commercial Manager, Atkins IS

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Current state analysis. Your procurement support engagement begins with technical workshops and a stakeholder discovery process that delivers a complete picture of current entitlements, agreements, and software usage. We identify over- and under-licensing issues and benchmark your current pricing against industry averages.

Strategy and support. We build a roadmap to achieve your business goals based on your organisation's current state. The roadmap is the basis for an optimised bill of materials. We provide pricing options and analysis of the suitability of available licensing agreements. Our specialists work with you until the contract or renewal is signed.

PyraCloud-powered e-procurement. Take control in vendor negotiations. SoftwareOne's proprietary PyraCloud platform delivers integrated software and cloud procurement management. Get visibility into software contracts, entitlement data, cloud budgets and utilization to closely manage spend. Receive alerts about upcoming renewals, get insights to optimize usage and simplify reporting.

Our real-world results

  • techem-adobestock-103338708-teaser

    Cost analysis pays off for IT spend

    With SoftwareOne's Cost Take-Out program, Techem quickly identified potential savings of nearly €3 million in software and cloud costs and realized initial savings of over half a million euros in total Microsoft software spend.

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  • major-telecommunications-provider-adobestock-316583405-teaser

    Telecom's giant wins back full control

    SoftwareOne supported a major telecommunications provider to regain control over compliance and costs by conducting a Total Usage Assessment for its SAP licensing and helped the company to manage and complete an SAP audit successfully.

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    How to negotiate your contract renewal?

    There is no universal recipe for how to get the best deal. Each business’s needs are unique, and therefore each deal is unique.

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