Dedicated Spend Management

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Software Spend Management

SoftwareONE offers comprehensive spend management services across the entire software lifecycle – from analysis to sourcing and procurement. With years of experience and expertise in professional IT management services, we’ll help you identify excess organizational spend, build a strategic savings plan, and actively take control of spend to drive realized savings. We’ll manage your entire software investment – or, depending on your needs, be a globally enabled partner with a local presence for low value transactions and strategic reselling. You have more important business goals to focus on: Let us handle your spend management so you can regain control over your software portfolio.

Spend Management Challenges

Lack of Awareness

A lack of awareness into sources of software spend is a common problem for businesses of all sizes. Shadow cost centers, tail spend, and ‘hidden’ savings opportunities all contribute to low levels of transparency.

Multiple Systems or Locations

Managing software spend across geographically-dispersed locations, multiple business units, and distributed networks entails a unique spend strategy that is often underdeveloped, failing to take enough data into account.

Insufficient Resources

Procurement teams are often short on time and resources – not to mention lacking the necessary reporting tools to conduct thorough software spend analysis.

Increase Efficiency with SoftwareONE Managed Services

Achieve operational excellence with SoftwareONE’s Spend Management Services. From spend analysis to contract and supplier management, sourcing, and order fulfillment, we can drive realized savings throughout your entire procurement process.

Real-Time Spend Visibility

Helping you understand historical trends and conduct opportunity analysis.

Strategic Order Fulfillment

Best-practice order processing, contract renewal management, and software resale.

Data Analytics

Tail End Spend Management

Gain control over low-value transactions and tackle hidden costs.

Centralized Demand Management

Centralized requests and streamlined decision processes that align with business needs.

Dedicated Vendor Spend Management

Support for publishers like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, and many others with the option for strategic reselling.

Access to Publisher Experts

Leverage our years of experience with major vendors for optimized governance and quality control.

Benefits with SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE’s managed services allow your business to offload up to 80% of the spend management workload. Our experts will help you gain visibility and reduce costs throughout the entire software lifecycle, working on your behalf to streamline the procurement and maintenance process.

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Quality control
  • Real-time visibility
  • Strategic spend analysis

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