Data Foundations Services

Pave the way for AI

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SoftwareOne Data Foundations Services

Data Foundations Services establish, standardise, and optimise your data infrastructure to pave the way for AI.

By laying a robust and scalable data foundation, organisations can ensure data governance, streamline operations, and become well-equipped for data-driven processes and AI initiatives.

Create a powerful foundation for AI

To successfully adopt ML, AI, and generative AI, organisations must ensure they have strong data foundations. That means unlocking data from where it sits today, unifying it, governing it, and choosing technologies and platforms to visualise and leverage it in innovative ways. Improving the overall data ecosystem maturity of your organisation readies your environment and team for AI.

Security, regulatory, and ethical concerns can stifle AI adoption. An experienced partner like SoftwareOne can guide you in the proper implementation steps to reduce risk and accelerate outcomes.

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    Systems integration stage

    The organisation begins to use data in production

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    Insight stage

    The organisation can analyse historical trends and performance, and can find answers to questions

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    Data-driven organisation

    The organisation makes strategic decisions based on a range of data points

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    AI-powered organisation

    The organisation enhances business and operational processes by leveraging AI

SoftwareOne’s support unlocked the power of BigQuery and greatly reduced how much manual work is needed to access and analyse our data.

Cristina Frontera Rossello

Business Technology Project Manager, Camper

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How to create a data strategy roadmap

Overwhelmed by data? Discover the essential steps to create a data strategy that unlocks AI's potential.

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Data Foundations Services

  • Advisory Services

    Harness the potential of data: improve data ecosystem maturity, envision and align data strategy, and assess migration and modernisation needs

  • Platform Services

    Elevate data capabilities: migrate legacy systems to advanced cloud environments, streamline and accelerate data operations, align governance for compliance and productivity

  • Solution Services

    Automate data management: adopt modern data management processes, unify and standardise data across your organisation, migrate and modernise data workloads

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We’ll help you turn AI aspirations into AI action

SoftwareOne Data Foundations Advisory Services bring you new data-driven capabilities and a modern data fabric. Our team mixes data engineering, data security, and cloud with proven frameworks to help you optimise, transform and modernise your current data environment so it is ready for powerful AI initiatives.

Schedule an AI scoping session

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Get AI-ready

Reach out to our experts to schedule an AI scoping session for you and your team.

Get AI-ready

Reach out to our experts to schedule an AI scoping session for you and your team.