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Winning back full control

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Better understanding of its SAP licensing helped a telecommunications provider regain control & successfully run an SAP audit

When a large telecommunications provider lost clarity into its SAP licensing and compliant usage, SoftwareOne was engaged to run a Total Usage Assessment, including Indirect Use. The assignment was to provide the customer full visibility into its SAP software usage, terms and conditions and identify how to mitigate compliance risks while minimizing licensing expenses. Coincidentally, during the assessment, the customer received notice of an SAP audit and asked SoftwareOne to provide additional Audit Defense Support. With its advanced SAP audit expertise, SoftwareOne helped the customer successfully complete the audit, providing guidance through the entire process. Required deliverables and communication with SAP were successfully managed during all aspects of the audit.

Major telecommunications provider
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SoftwareOne SAP Licensing & Commercial Advisory Services; SoftwareOne SAP Audit Defense Support
We sought licensing advisory from SoftwareOne, and they thoroughly equipped the team. We came out on top by planning and accepting nothing at face value.

About the client 

A leading integrated telecommunications company in the APAC region that provides connectivity and digital infrastructure, this company represents one of the largest government-linked companies in the country.

The challenge

When the customer engaged SoftwareOne, SAP was conducting multiple audits in the APAC region, and Indirect Usage was a costly subscriber challenge.

The customer had no internal SAM practice and was not confident facing an SAP audit. It needed a clear environment overview and compliance understanding. The customer’s original SAP License Agreement had been signed over ten years ago, and the company had purchased and deployed several SAP products over that time. The management team had lost sight of its SAP environment. Licensing terms as defined in the EULA were unclear, and usage was not easily measured or identifiable. The company needed help to identify compliance gaps and risks, particularly around Indirect Use of its SAP licenses. The company’s position placed it at high risk in any licensing discussions with SAP, and it reached out to SoftwareOne for expertise and support.

The solution

SoftwareOne conducted a complete contract analysis encompassing all agreements, entitlements, and product use rights. A detailed assessment of SAP Software usage across all user categories and engines produced a comprehensive report showing the relationship of usage to SAP licensing terms, including Indirect Use. The report identified an initial risk assessment of more than $200M. SoftwareOne recommended a range of optimization and mitigation activities to be put in place. Consequently, no compliance gaps were identified when submitting the data to SAP.

SoftwareOne assisted the company in all SAP communications and guided necessary report submissions during the audit. With a full understanding of the data being shared, the telecom provider remained in full control throughout the process.

The result

  • Expense management & cost savings: SoftwareOne identified significant housekeeping, optimization, and cost-saving opportunities to be implemented.
  • Full insights & transparency: SoftwareOne provided the customer with full visibility of its SAP software usage, including terms and conditions.
  • Focus on core business: SoftwareOne provided strategic communication advice during the audit.
  • Governance & security: Newly created internal processes enhanced SAM practice and security.
  • Strengthened relationship with SAP: SoftwareOne’s support on preparation and communication fortified the relationship with the publisher SAP.
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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.