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Reducing Software Spend to Fund Innovation

Software commands a large portion of companies’ budgets which could otherwise be dedicated to funding digital transformation. With third-party support you will save on costs and empower innovation across the business.

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Leveraging Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams (and Teams for EDU) is at the forefront of enabling remote working and learning. During this webinar our experts discuss education-specific features, capabilities users may be missing out on, and security practices to consider.

Supporting a Remote Workforce in Times of Crisis

Supporting a Remote Workforce in Times of Crisis

In today’s complex environment, it is imperative that organizations have a plan in place to support their workforce in unexpected disaster or crisis. Watch this webinar to learn ways to quickly support your Remote Workforce.

Accelerate Your Future Workplace with Microsoft Teams

Accelerate Your Future Workplace with Microsoft Teams

With new work-from-home policies in the rise reliable communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams are needed. We provide you with the essentials for building a roadmap based on business process and workflows.

SWO Cybersecurity Panalist discussion | SoftwareONE On-Demand Webinar

SWO Cybersecurity Panalist discussion

SoftwareONE is proud to present the SWO Cybersecurity panelist discussion with our partners Arctic Wolf and Trend Micro. The panel set out to discuss the most pressing cybersecurity issues that organizations is facing. Watch the video below…


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