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What Proof Of License Means

What Proof Of License Means For Oracle Software

It is essential for an end user to keep track of the specific software entitlements obtained, independently of the software publisher. Understanding your entitlements helps you to be (better) prepared for an audit, license review, true up or future negotiation with the software publisher.

The objective of this article is to familiarize you with the documents that Oracle recognizes as Proof of License.

Ordering Document

This document includes the end user’s details, the name of the agreement that governs the purchase, the products that are purchased, the quantity, the license metrics and level, the fees that were paid for the licenses and the terms and conditions for the purchase. In addition, any non-standard terms (e.g. licenses being restricted to a specific application or type of usage) are included in the Ordering Document.

An Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a specific type of Ordering Document. The ULA is a time-based contract for unlimited use of a subset of Oracle products. At the end of the term, the end user may choose to renew the ULA or declare and certify usage to Oracle. If the end user chooses not to renew, licenses will be assigned based on the end user’s current usage and certification at the end date of the ULA.

An Oracle Pool of Funds (PoF) is another specific type of Ordering Document. A Pool of Funds is a non-standard deal that allows a customer to acquire licenses for a set of pre-defined programs – at fixed prices and over a limited period – by burning down a prepaid license credit.  The Pool of Funds ordering document specifies the Pool of Funds period, credit and the program licenses that can be acquired, including the available license types and the net license price per individual license type.

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