VMware by Brodcom Software & Subscription Advisory Services

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VMware by Broadcom Software & Subscription Advisory Services

Have you aligned your virtualisation strategies with your business goals? Are you utilising the full potential of your software? If not, contact our hybrid cloud, end-user computing and container strategy experts to take full advantage of VMware by Broadcom services and potential investments. To avoid compliance risks as your hybrid cloud environment evolves, it's important that you know exactly how to build on the investments you've already made and get the most out of your existing licences.  

SoftwareOne VMware by Broadcom Software & Subscription Advisory Services help you overcome the challenges of digital business. We provide you with a complete overview of your current VMware by Broadcom licences, subscriptions and entitlements to help you build a VMware strategy that meets your long-term IT goals.

Even if the EUC business is outsourced from the VMware by Broadcom division and transferred to a new company, we will continue to support you as a reseller of these products. You can find more information on the following page. 

Omnissa (formerly VMware End-User Computing)

SoftwareOne is leading the pack: Highest status as Pinnacle Partner

SoftwareOne is one of only a few Pinnacle partners in the Broadcom Advantage Partner Programme. This means:

  • Highest possible partner status for VMware by Broadcom
  • Comprehensive product expertise on the new portfolio
  • Excellent consulting expertise on the new products and licence models
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SoftwareOne is VMware by Broadcom Pinnacle Partner

VMware by Broadcom strategies are one of our superpowers

Get a quick overview of the new divisions and the associated products. We will be happy to advise you on the new product portfolio, licence metrics and prices.


KKR invests in VMware EUC. We remain by your side.

New partner, new ways. Broadcom is divesting its EUC business, which will now become an independent company. With KKR as an investor, the full potential of these technologies will be realised. Find out how we can continue to support you and learn about the latest developments in VMware products.

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Overcome virtualisation challenges

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    Optimisation Assessment

    Increase capacity and performance quickly and easily and save money at the same time. Improve resource utilisation through licence adjustments and the identification of overloaded workloads.

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    Licensing analysis

    We analyse your licensing needs and entitlements. Optimise spend with insights into licensing metrics, software conditions and licensing models.

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    Contracting support

    Identify alternative licensing options based on your contract terms. We help you optimise your spend and stay well informed throughout the negotiation process.

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    Business continuity

    Business continuity assessments evaluate the security of your data and recovery options. We offer VMware and other options to optimise your business continuity.

All-rounder in the VMware by Broadcom world: SoftwareOne offers expertise in all areas

We are your reliable partner with comprehensive expertise in all key VMware areas. Benefit from our expertise and talk to our experts.

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Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.