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Partner Connect Program

Trusted, flexible and mutually-beneficial partnering

Partner Connect Program: Trusted, flexible and mutually-beneficial partnering

Technology partner ecosystems are becoming more important than ever to deliver client solutions and a valued customer experience. The power of the ecosystem is that no single player needs to own or operate all components of the solution, and that the value the ecosystem generates is larger than the combined value each of the players could contribute individually.

SoftwareONE’s Partner Connect is a trusted, flexible, and mutually-beneficial partnership model that focuses on delivering a high-value end user experience. The non-competitive approach helps to reduce the risk of third-party solutions that can disrupt a client relationship. We are stronger-together when we deliver value-led services to our customers.

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Why Partner with SoftwareONE?


Reduce your risk of competitors by delivering more customer value through an expanded portfolio of software, cloud, and services.

Strengthen Customer

Grow your client business in a formal and non-competitive model by leveraging the global reach and extensive publisher relationships of SoftwareONE.

Capture Incremental

Increase your profitability through reciprocal lead sharing and collaborative selling in a trusted approach.

The Partner Connect Advantage

  • Trusted, flexible and mutually-beneficial partnership model

  • Globally supported program that helps to reduce the risk of competitive solutions in client accounts

  • Our stronger-together mantra ensures we deliver a seamless experience and build long-term customer relationship

  • Non-competitive structure with clear rules ensuring we keep the needs of the client first

  • Reciprocal partnering focused on delivering a wide portfolio of services through various engagement models

Build Long-term Customer Relationships Through Expanded Service Offerings and Innovation

Simple Managed Services

Simple from SoftwareONE offers guidance and expertise to simplify the management of modern software and cloud assets.


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We drive the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses with innovative cloud and technology solutions and services.


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