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Managed FinOps

Accelerate Your Innovation Journey

Accelerate Your Innovation Journey

FinOps (Cloud Financial Management) allows you to leverage the possibilities of cloud without the risk of over usage, or a lack of visibility. FinOps introduces accountability for cloud spend, enables data-driven decision making, and allows IT to become a service organization that adds value to the business.

SoftwareONE is uniquely positioned in the market as the only FinOps Certified Platform and Leader in Gartner SAM Magic Quadrant. SoftwareONE is both a FinOps Certified Service Provider as well as having our own FinOps Certified Platform - PyraCloud. Our FinOps Certified Practitioners can work with you to define your exact requirements, whether you have an incumbent tool and just need expert advice and guidance, or whether you require a full managed service that includes tooling and best practices. Our FinOps Managed Service offering can help you no matter what stage of your FinOps journey you are on.

FinOps Managed Service Overview

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Managed FinOps from SoftwareONE will help you to reduce time and effort by using expertise and experience and avoiding technical and commercial pitfalls. This way, you will be able to optimize direct and operational costs, produce savings and invest in the creation of value.

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Realize the Full Potential of Your FinOps Program

Leveraging cloud technology to support productivity and innovation has been one of the top priorities and success factors for companies within the last few years and has been further accelerated during the pandemic. With the opportunities of cloud technologies come also great challenges around managing cloud spend. Providing an effective governance framework that helps stakeholders within the organization manage and optimize cloud costs is a key focus of FinOps. This is achieved through the following:

Create transparency and accountability regarding cloud costs

Realize ongoing and actionable optimization of your investment

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Enable the goals of IT, finance and business with your cloud strategy

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Align with security and governance best-practices

Creating Balance between Innovation and Management

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Let us explain what FinOps is, why your organization should adopt it, how to get started on your journey and how your organization can use this approach to maximize every dollar spent in the cloud.

SoftwareONE Approach to Managed FinOps

SoftwareONE provides a unique blend of industry experts and tools to provide you with the guidance, insights and intelligence your organization requires for effective Cloud Financial Management. Starting with the Assess phase, we will jointly analyze your existing capabilities and identify optimization potential, leveraging the findings as a sound basis for planning and execution of the next stages. Then based on the three phases of the FinOps lifecycle (Inform, Optimize, and Operate), we provide you with full transparency of cloud costs, ongoing optimization of your cloud resources and commercial models, as well as establishing the framework for continuous improvement and governance.


Understand and benchmark your current FinOps capabilities and overall governance maturity


Visibility and allocation of cloud costs and creating shared accountability


Enable engineers to rapidly take-action on cost optimization with ongoing actionable recommendations


Continuous review, improvement and automation to enable the goals of technology, finance and business to be jointly achieved

FinOps implementation and continuous improvement is enabled by a combination of technology insights and methodology backed services. This is what makes SoftwareONE’s FinOps Managed Service portfolio unique.

Why SoftwareONE for FinOps?

We take the complexity out of Cloud Financial Management. As a FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) and a FinOps Certified Platform (FCP) via PyraCloud, we help you take back control of your cloud spend and provide guidance on how to optimize your cloud investments. 

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  • Advanced consulting partner for AWS Marketplace to deliver software directly via private and public offers

Reach Your FinOps Goals with PyraCloud

PyraCloud helps you reduce spend, optimize costs and manage cloud platforms. It allows you to digitize your software supply chain, manage contracts, and track, control and predict your cloud spend across multiple providers. Unlock ONE platform that provides intelligent software and cloud insights.

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