5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management Services

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5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management Services

MTWO integrates the management of the entire project lifecycle with 5D BIM, including 3D models and time and cost tracking in one platform. From planning and building to operating, MTWO supports project processing with consistent data models and comprehensive functions. Visualise your project management to empower your team to work collaboratively and efficiently.

SoftwareOne and RIB Software's MTWO 5D BIM Project Lifecycle Management Services deliver an all-in-one construction cloud that integrates and visualises construction project information. Using immersive 3D models that change in real time as your team advances toward completion, we help you show your progress across all aspects of a project.


More than an upgrade. MTWO revolutionises AEC operation.

SoftwareOne, RIB Software, and Schneider Electric partnered to deliver the world's first 5D BIM construction cloud platform for contractors, developers, and owners. MTWO delivers RIB's iTWO 4.0 enterprise collaboration on Microsoft Azure.

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Track every asset to eliminate wasted resources

Recent supply-chain issues have challenged AEC firms’ ability to control costs. To be competitive, your people must test every step in the building lifecycle to eliminate waste, rework, and unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. The MTWO Construction Cloud solution connects project stakeholders, processes, and data on one integrated platform that offers an open API for real-time connectivity with every business-critical application and data source. MTWO provides comprehensive visibility into architectural, engineering, and construction processes. When your project is complete, MTWO transfers 5D BIM planning and construction data to the operations system to help manage and maintain buildings and facilities securely and efficiently.

Our specialists work with you to customise your MTWO solution with more than 100 modules for specialised functions, including cost transparency, environmental impacts, carbon avoidance, and real-time supply-chain management. SoftwareOne’s commitment is simple: We help make your AEC operation efficient and flexible, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Project management

    Record daily activities on-site using an app or drag-and-drop features to update project progress visualisations.

  • Optimise supply chains

    Integrated just-in-time delivery planning increases speed by up to 40% and streamlines the process from application to payment.

  • Lower costs

    Reduce IT costs and overhead by up to 25%, and use digitally managed off-site manufacturing to save up to 30% on materials.

  • Conquer waste

    Build virtually to scope materials orders precisely. Clients report an up to 80% reduction in construction waste using MTWO.

  • Quality and safety

    Onsite professionals use mobile tools to access inspection lists and report potential issues in real time to help improve job-site safety and confirm quality control actions.

  • Decarbonise efficiently

    Use MTWO to analyse material choices, help avoid rework, and engage offsite capabilities that produce up to 50% lower CO2 emissions.

MTWO in action

Develop a time- and cost-optimised 5D plan


BIM model management

Quality-assured models provide the basis for model-oriented operations that significantly improve the optimisation of designs, planning, and construction processes. Import architectural BIM, structure, and MEP models from mainstream modelling software to support cross-platform model integration, collision detection, and model quality improvements.

Use the iTWO 3D plugin to reduce rework and streamline collaboration, enabling real-time synchronisation between models in Revit and MTWO.


Quantity takeoff and estimation

Simplify quantity takeoff with MTWO’s innovative 3D Takeoff predefined rules. The Construction System quantity surveyor analyses 3D models to generate automated materials quantities. The calculation includes object-level issues in BIM models and exports multiple levels of detailed reports to facilitate decision-making.

Add dynamic cost management to your estimating process using 3D models and data from previous projects to create the most thorough, precise construction plans. MTWO updates pricing with real-time cost data, and its BIM capability enhances team collaboration with estimates based on connected models, BOQ, scheduling, and procurement status.



Effective scheduling reduces the risks of costly mistakes in the construction phase. MTWO generates reliable schedules that help reduce waste, mitigate risk, and optimise work. Schedulers can produce graphical project timelines with Line of Balance to identify potential conflicts while they run 5D simulations to detect construction risk at the planning stage.


5D BIM Simulation

Enable stakeholders to communicate and cooperate during planning so they arrive at an optimal strategy. Compare 5D simulations side-by-side to evaluate time and cost scenarios, forecast cash flow, and detect mistakes that help avoid changes in the construction phase.


Tender and bid management

Send tender invitations to get quotations from vendors through online portals. Quickly compare quotes and evaluate vendor performance to choose the best bidder using built-in automation.

Increase bid win rates with MTWO's streamlined bidding process. Easily create bids with the most up-to-date data provided by the BOQ and estimate modules.

Manage projects with confidence


Project management

Control project progress with improved delivery management using MTWO Project Management:

  • Your onsite staff can instantly record daily activity and installed quantities with the MTWO mobile app
  • Upload multiformat onsite records using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Coordinate deadlines and establish accountability by comparing actual progress to your schedule with Gantt charts and project progress visualisations


Practise lean management and ensure prudent purchase decisions by your procurement team. MTWO helps you:

  • Compare suppliers’ contract execution performance using a vendor library
  • Integrate procurement schedules with project Gantt charts to coordinate just-in-time delivery of building materials
  • Streamline the procurement process from application to payment with integrated reporting

Quality and safety

Improve job site management and performance using MTWO's proactive safety and quality management practices. The system provides a dashboard that shows the status of all defects for tracking and acceptance.

Onsite professionals can access inspection lists and report observations in real time using the MTWO app on their mobile devices. Identify hazards earlier and take action to resolve the problems before they result in costly incidents.


Mobile features

MTWO includes mobile, cloud-connected applications that enable your team to capture data directly in the field. Distributed access to information empowers your people to respond to issues and make instant requests from a smartphone or tablet. Choose from mobile versions of MTWO apps to address:

  • Defect management
  • To-do lists
  • Progress by activity
  • Business partners
  • Control tower

Transfer BIM data to enable operational management of projects


Facility management

When your project is complete, MTWO enables sharing your 5D BIM data with your client's facility management teams. The iTWOfm inventory-management module in MTWO can transfer 5D BIM data from the planning and construction phases to support the operational phase of your project. iTWOfm delivers master data forms that support ongoing, secure properties, buildings, and facilities management. MTWO's operational phase tools help plan maintenance, cleaning, key control, and Internet of Things monitoring to establish transparency with certifiable operator responsibility.


Building lifecycle

MTWO makes easy work of managing and sharing data throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. Data collected during a project's planning and building phases can be quickly and easily transferred to and shared securely by the computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system for use in the operating phase.


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Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with our experts

Share a few details about your business challenge, and we’ll get right back to you.