We Empower Companies to Transform.


Whatever industry your business operates in, our expertise in managed cloud, user productivity, security, digital supply chain / software lifecycle management, and licensing allows us to drive the digital transformation of your organization needs.

We make a significant impact to businesses of all sizes across key industries around the globe. SoftwareONE offers pragmatic, practical advice that brings your software portfolio under control and saves on the bottom line, in various sectors, industries and locations. SoftwareONE makes a tangible difference to how you operate in your significant industry by helping you achieve tangible results and drive your business forward. We have over 65,000 customers worldwide, diversified across countries globally, enterprise and SMBs. We have also migrated over 10 million users to cloud solutions supported by SoftwareONE experts. You can trust us to make you leaders within your industry.


SoftwareONE is the leading provider for comprehensive software portfolio and IT managed services within the education industry.

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SoftwareONE helps finance sector organizations stay safe, agile and compliant in the cloud.

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We design comprehensive technology services that will most benefit your nonprofit organization.

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State and Local Government

Get the licensing expertise you need to optimize your state or local government agency software portfolio.

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Get the licensing, security, unified communications and cloud migration expertise you need to optimize and secure your healthcare organization.

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