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What is Your Organization’s Cloud Maturity?

A realistic and sustainable cloud strategy accelerates development, strengthens security, reduces costs, and improves performance and resiliency. Are you getting all you can out of cloud?

Though public cloud platforms launched in the mid-2000s, globally less than 20% of workloads have moved. Many organizations have progressed on the journey to cloud by moving on-premises bare metal and virtualized workloads to cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service but are not getting the value they had hoped for. Others have just started on the path.

Business agility, cost-efficiency, scalability, resilience, security, and velocity increase as organizations achieve higher levels of cloud maturity. But many IT leaders lack clarity about how to make pragmatic progress within their current constraints.

Cloud Maturity Levels


Cost savings from modernization

Flexible Services from SoftwareONE

With global reach, end-to-end services, and strong partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, SoftwareONE delivers on the promise of cloud. Unlike other cloud solution services partners, SoftwareONE is a leader in software and cloud financial management. We’ll show you how to make your current IT investments count while bringing your business forward.

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We have the expertise, tools, and methodology to help with questions like:


  • Which cloud or clouds should I choose?
  • How do I prioritize my workloads for migration?
  • How do I create a modernization plan?
  • How can I de-risk my decisions?


  • How can I lower my total cost of ownership?
  • How does enterprise licensing work in the cloud?
  • What hyperscaler funding might be available?
  • How can I optimize the costs of different cloud services?


  • What do I have in my portfolio today?
  • How ready are my apps to move?


  • How do our security and privacy practices need to change?
  • How do I observe and manage my apps?


  • How can I leverage cloud native?
  • Which IaaS and PaaS services should I choose?
  • How can I scale up and down quickly?
  • What tools are used for migration?


  • What kinds of new skills and processes does my team need?
  • How do I give my developers a self-service platform?

SoftwareONE can partner with you to co-create your custom plan, aligned to your business outcomes.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a cloud expert. Request a free half-day workshop for you and your team.

The 7 Rs of Optimized Cloud Adoption

At SoftwareONE, we have a pragmatic approach to cloud adoption and provide flexible services to help you accomplish your goals wherever you are in the journey. Our Application Services are focused on development and modernization of custom applications. Our Cloud Services deliver cloud migrations at scale. And our FinOps Services ensure you maximize the value of your software and cloud investments. That’s a powerful combination, and a simple way for you to get what you need when you need it.

Services Overview

Application Services: Modern Platforms, Applications, and Practices

SoftwareONE Application Services provides a custom roadmap and curated team of experts to build and modernize cloud applications. At the heart of our applications practice is our unique application modernization approach.

Application modernization refers to the changing of application source code and architecture to better leverage cloud platforms and native services to improve existing applications and reduce costs and legacy inefficacies. Put another way – making the cloud the real cloud. Learn how we do it below.

In addition to our application modernization practice, we can build the new cloud native applications your business needs, including automation and data use cases, among others.

  • Application Development – Build cloud native applications to deliver new capabilities.
  • Automation – Automate manual processes to increase productivity and reduce risk.
  • Data and Analytics – Unlock and leverage data for business insight.

Why SoftwareONE

Our global talent base, sophisticated tools, and proven methodology mean we can scale with your needs — whether that’s one application or one hundred.

Trusted partner

30+ years in tech transformation

3,000+ cloud experts

12,000+ services customers

Global presence in 90 countries

Application Services Competency Centers with local interface

Proven approach

Advanced tools and methodology

Azure Expert Managed Services Partner

AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

Google Cloud Partner Premier

ISO 27001 Security certified

ISO 20000 IT Services certified

CMMI DEV 5 Development certified

FinOps certified

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People call it the journey to cloud, but cloud isn’t simply a destination. It’s a tool, a powerful one.
We’ll help you make sure you’re getting all you can out of it.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a cloud expert. 
Request a free half-day workshop for you and your team.

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