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SoftwareOne guides financial institution to ITAM maturity

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A Southeast Asian financial institution needed to improve its use of IT asset management (ITAM). But to do that, it first had to gain management support for investing in ITAM.

A financial institution had worked with SoftwareOne’s IT asset management team to reduce its financial penalties by 50% after a software publisher audit. However, the client hadn’t adopted ongoing ITAM strategies, meaning it was losing out on many benefits. Learn how a SoftwareOne workshop and education strategy gained support among the company’s senior leadership for new ITAM investment, helping to transform the organisation’s ways of working and maturing its use of ITAM.

  • Added automation

    on licence management that frees staff to focus on business work

  • New budget

    for software asset management

  • ROI optimisation

    through two new future Software Asset Management (SAM) projects

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Limited understanding of ITAM benefits

At the time SoftwareOne started working with the client again, there was a lack of communication and awareness of what ITAM could do to support the business and protect it from future audit fines.

This meant there was limited funding for ITAM and limited understanding of its potential benefits for the company beyond reducing risks and costs from audits. Despite a lengthy engagement process, the company remained reluctant to invest in ITAM.

Demonstrating ITAM’s value to leadership

To showcase the benefits of ITAM, SoftwareOne ran a detailed workshop using a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to the client. The workshop brought together 15 senior stakeholders from across the business to explain and demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits that ITAM can bring. After the workshop, a detailed report outlining the results and recommendations and including a tailored action plan was presented back to the leadership, sponsors and key stakeholders. The SoftwareOne team was able to demonstrate the value that a mature ITAM practice would bring to the business – this helped to establish the business case that the chief information officer needed to win new investment in ITAM.

Because of the breadth of attendees at the workshop, it was possible to get a good understanding of what was holding the company back. The workshop also helped to clarify the company’s future strategy and plans and showed how ITAM could help achieve these goals. SoftwareOne was able to demonstrate the benefits that ITAM could deliver across the business, not just to IT and procurement.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Take our free ITAM assessment.

Could you benefit from a similar service?

Take our free ITAM assessment.

New focus on continuous improvement and software ROI

The workshop and resulting report transformed how the customer views ITAM. There is now much more openness and understanding of how ITAM can aid innovation, agility and cost savings, as well as improve security and ensure compliance with licensing agreements. It has also brought an element of automation to licence management, freeing up staff time for more business-focused work.

The change has been so dramatic that the scope of the original project has now been expanded. More publishers are being added to the ITAM project as momentum builds. This change has also been accelerated by using international standards to clearly show where the organisation is compared to its peers, both in its home country and globally.

SoftwareOne maintains a detailed database of thousands of organisations and how they are using ITAM to move beyond mere licence compliance and push broader business strategy. This helps businesses understand and internally communicate the benefits of adopting modern ITAM methods.

Since the workshop and subsequent communications, the conversation has changed. The customer is now open to constructive criticism and keen to improve its processes and ITAM strategy. It is working with SoftwareOne to implement recommendations provided during the assessment.

And since running the diagnostic event late last year, the company has now allocated a dedicated software asset management (SAM) budget for the year ahead. Two staff members have completed the SAM certification course.

SoftwareOne continues to work with the client to build and expand its ITAM capabilities. Two active proposals are now underway – a SAM advisory service and a SAM managed service to help the company better understand its software estate by building an effective programme. The projects will use cost optimisation and other savings to help the company maximise the return made on its software investments. The company has taken the first step towards ITAM maturity and there is a much wider understanding of why this is important and how it can benefit the business.

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