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Modern Data Protection

Stay Informed and Reach Your Highest Potential with Veritas

Veritas users must understand how to best leverage these solutions to create a comprehensive data protection platform for existing and new workloads within their organization. A partnership with SoftwareONE helps your organization ensure partners and users alike are educated, supported, and getting the most out of Veritas investments.

Get Help with These Common Veritas Challenges

Reducing Costs

Veritas users can run into trouble when it comes to the cost of storing and processing the data they’re collecting. Gain insight into what data you have and what data you should keep to help combat high spend.

Regulatory Compliance

Veritas customers are often in need of backup and data protection. Due to regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, organizations need complete visibility into where each user’s data is so it can easily be located and deleted if needed. Knowing what you have and where it’s stored is an important factor when dealing with data regulations.

Modernizing Data Centers

Safely transferring all of your organization’s data from on-premises and multicloud in one place should be a top priority. Many Veritas users have yet to update their data centers, making it a main focus for their digital transformation.

“The Data Protection landscape is changing rapidly, driven by the shift to the digital business, massive growth of data, cloud and new applications. The days of protecting all data by moving it from point A to point B as an all-encompassing policy are over.”

Transform the Way You Use Veritas Through a SoftwareONE Partnership

Let’s walk through a few of the benefits and differentiators of a Veritas partnership with SoftwareONE.


At SoftwareONE, one of our main focus is providing the guidance customers need. Our team of experts is here to help you through your relationship with Veritas and how to get the most out of their tools.


When an issue arises, the SoftwareONE team makes sure that it is communicated properly to a Veritas rep. We take your problem and articulate in a manner that helps both parties understand what their role is.


We work closely with the Veritas team to manage licensing and consumption. This way, we can help ensure your organization is compliant with usage agreements and not overspending.

Longstanding Relationship

We have a relationship with Veritas that spans over a decade. The wealth of knowledge we’ve acquired throughout our relationship will be directly applied to your partnership with us.

Global Presence

We pride ourselves on our truly global presence here at SoftwareONE. When you partner with us, you’ll be able to diversify your market and have access to expertise around the world.

Gold Status Partnership

We’ve worked hard to achieve a Gold Status Partnership at SoftwareONE. A Gold Status Partnership demonstrates our in-depth expertise, and we are proud to be able to bring it to the able.

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Riesgos de Cumplimiento del Software en la Era de la Transformación Digital

No es ningún secreto que el software ayuda a los empleados a realizar su trabajo con mayor eficacia. Sin embargo, a medida que el entorno del software se vuelve más complejo, aumenta el riesgo de incumplimiento de los acuerdos de software.


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