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Managed Cloud

The people, process and technology to help organizations design, build, automate, and manage their cloud initiatives. The cloud is vast and you can’t manage all of it on your own. SoftwareONE’s managed cloud allows you to drive change – quickly – while you concentrate on your business.

"Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers us the flexibility, scalablity and just-in-time performance that we need. Azure only bills us for the times in which number-crunching machines are actually running. IT infrastructure is not the core business of Unilever Belgium so we decided to partner with SoftwareONE."

Sven Lenaerts, Project Manager for Customer Development, Unilever


Your Path to the Cloud with SoftwareONE


A lack of internal resources and skills can make moving to the cloud seem daunting – leverage SoftwareONE’s managed cloud resources for a smooth transition while you focus on your day to day tasks.


Automate processes to ensure a resilient and secure platform with the enhanced flexibility that the cloud provides to move towards your digital transformation goals.


We help you choose, integrate and implement the best cloud or multi-cloud technology for your business that allows you to focus on your strategic outcomes rather than managing disparate tools.

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Optimize Your Business for the Cloud

Realized Transformation

We right size your environment and ensure you re-host, re-platform and re-build for a robust cloud experience

Increased Security

Identify, mitigate and resolve threats proactively via our managed security service.

Enhanced Protection

Utilize our BackupSimple services for a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in the cloud.

Advanced Monitoring

24/7 infrastructure, application and network monitoring to ensure downtime is a thing of the past.

Detailed Configuration

No matter your cloud environment we have you covered – our experts can get you up and running in myriad cloud providers.

Policy Governance

Repetition when it comes to governance is king – we ensure your policies are automated and repeatable for a strong cloud architecture.

Your Cloud Journey with Managed Cloud Services

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Working with our team of experts we take you from Cloud Pilot to full managed cloud services depending on your business needs.

We understand your current state through our cloud advisory stage – understanding both where you are with your cloud journey today and what on-premises investments could or should be moved.

We move to transition planning and deployment to ensure the move to the cloud is seamless.

We help you to manage the on-going needs of your new cloud environment and monitor the support and spend necessary to optimize your cloud investment.

We do all of this across our six pillars to ensure an end-to-end managed cloud transformation.

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