FinOps Diagnostic

A CAT scan for your cloud environment


FinOps Diagnostics Services

Effectively managing cloud environments requires visibility into services, who is using them, and the costs of supporting each business unit. Yet many organisations don't have the tools or processes to assess spending. Rapid transformation based on unplanned adoption of cloud services quickly drives cloud spending out of control and delays business goals.

SoftwareOne FinOps Diagnostic Service provides decision-makers with actionable intelligence to identify gaps in their current cloud processes and strategy. Our specialists establish a cloud financial management baseline for your business to help drive organisational maturity. Our action plan based on best practices will help you innovate with cloud technology and maintain the value of earlier investments.

More than a checkup, a complete cloud physical

Our FinOps Foundation-certified tools and experts supplement your IT, finance, and procurement teams to accelerate your progress toward cloud maturity. We gather information to identify wasted spending, inefficient processes, and opportunities for optimisation that reduce commercial and technical risk. 

We have over 200 Certified FinOps Practitioners, a deeper team than any other organisation. The FinOps diagnostic gives you the tools and intelligence to achieve operational excellence, develop an effective FinOps culture, and realise agility in the cloud.

  • Benchmark maturity

    Assess current cloud financial management practices to identify operational risk. Improve your cloud process and strategy by getting everyone on the same page.

  • Identify opportunities

    Understand your current technical and business strengths and weaknesses. Gain insight that helps reduce wasted resources and financial risk.

  • Cloud accountability

    Identify gaps in your cloud strategy. Our specialists help you achieve a FinOps culture based on accountability and value creation.

  • Financial best practice

    Allocate cloud costs through showbacks or chargebacks that help your organisation plan, measure, and improve cloud financial management.

SoftwareOne delivers certified insights in 90 countries


Software and cloud expertise recognized by the leading hyperscaler cloud providers


See inside your digital environment

Our FinOps diagnostics dashboard delivers detailed yet easy-to-use views of the areas of your operation that need attention. Each step is explained in a unique action plan document presented to your leadership team.


Discover true cloud financial management

Gain the insights your teams need to implement best practices, report, manage and optimize cloud spend across the entire business.

Cloud diagnostics change the way business gets done

See our global FinOps team in action.

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FinOps is a journey. We can be your guide

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